A Little Show and Some Tell

Laneya: "I think the babies are a girl and a boy, and you should name them... Unicorn and Charlie!"Only in VEGAS BABY!

Mommy, we are sitting nicely, can we have a treat?

Hi Mommy, thanks for the new bones WE LOVE THEM!

Mom, can you please tell me how to get this ear down?

Now, that's a belly! 13w1d
Oh BTW I hate my camera! On Thanksgiving the flash went out on our old camera. So what do I do? Hop online with NO RESEARCH and buy a new Canon, which I assumed was fine, but was cheap. Regret... regret... regret! The camera sucks!!!!!!!!!! I want a new one so bad. We went to look at some over the weekend, but I can't bring myself to do it since I just spent $150 in November on one. Then the real questions come: How good of a camera do we want? If we get a good one with lenses and what not, then I have to learn to use it, and it won't fit in my purse. So what is a girl to do? I know I want a Canon, but this SD770IS is pootie! Seriously I have to correct the red eye on pretty much every photo I take and they all seem dark. My Vegas pictures are pure and utter crap! errrgghhh... and if I do get a new one, what do I do with this one? Maybe the settings are wrong, maybe it is a lemon. What should I buy? Should I stick it out? I will say the video quality is pretty good, and every once in awhile the photo quality is fantastic. Maybe I am just nuts. Yup that is it, I am hormonal and nutty and need to leave the poor camera alone, it is just doing its job.


Mimi said...

Look at your belly!! You are so beautiful!


Two Little Bugs and a Bichon said...

Congrats on your twins! I have 12 week old twins conceived through IVF. You are really in for a good time!!!

A n T said...

Belly looking good!!