Loving My Weekend

Besides only one bathroom another draw back from our house is the small closets. Needless to say Gabe and I DO NOT share a closet. Gabe was using the closet in the soon to be Babies' Room. So, I moved all his stuff to the guest room/Elianna's room and got rid of LOTS of Elianna's stuff. Below are the things we have acquired for the babies. Most have been given as hand me downs from some friends at Gabe's work. Minus my Kate Spade diaper bag of course. Some of the clothes are my recent finds at yard sales, I have more in the attic. This is all still so surreal to me. Normally I avoid the "middle room" and I have since we bought our house because it was always meant to be "the baby's room" NOW it REALLY IS "the babies' room." I put the baby things I had in the attic so that I didn't have to face them everyday, and now it seems so odd that I am excited to get them down. It is hard to grasp my new reality, and I am still waiting for that black rain cloud, which I pray hourly NEVER EVER EVER comes.

My Mother-in-Law will be here in less than a month and will be staying with us. We have invited her to our 20 week appointment with the Periontologist in Walnut Creek. She knows of a great baby store in Walnut Creek. Oh the amount of time we have waited to shop for mine and Gabe's babies together. It will be a lot of fun!

My amazing husband and Step-Dad ROCK! This is how a bulk of our weekend was spent. Building a planter box and planting our garden! I am so proud of it and cannot wait until we have some yummy tomatoes. It was 87 degrees yesterday and gorgeous, today it is supposed to be 90.

Susie and I took a family member to the airport yesterday and afterwards we had a girly afternoon along with little Serena. I treated us to PF Chang's for chicken lettuce wraps, and she treated us to cupcakes (I had a chocolate peanut butter cupcake, she had a lemon butter cream, Serena had a huge oatmeal raisin cookie.) We went to Old Navy where I scored a flowing brown maternity dress off the clearance rack and Serena scored a bunch of new dresses and four pairs of flip-flops (gotta love Old Navy flip flops, I already got some for Elianna and I, we both tend to live in them in the summer.) Of course the main purpose of shopping was to hit Sephora for our Bare Essentials, which we got. My friend Heather turned me onto them, and then of course I turned Susie onto it, and now we are hooked. Serena begged her Mama to go into Claire's for some magnetic earrings. It was cute, she wants her ears pierced SO bad, she finally decided on a pair of little studs because I told her they looked the most "real." She was too stinkin' cute showing them off and pretending like her ears were really pierced. To top it off Gabe had a softball game last night and they won! What more could we ask for on our FANTASTIC weekend other than a couple belly shots?


Polly Gamwich said...

Love the planter box, love the cute wishing she had pierced ears story, and of course I love bare minterals from sephora!

But that belly pic is too cute - you are really looking great!

As for your questions that you left on my blog: it was a co-ed shower of all the couples from one of the infertility support groups that I go to - yes, they all knew that we were pregnant and they were all excited by our beta :-)

Our second beta was taken this morning and I am waiting for results. I'm on pins and needles and I'm essentially USELESS today.

I so hope it's not just a decent number, but a GREAT number ... what I wouldn't give for this to be GREAT rather than having us barely hanging on ... again.

Check in later for an update ...

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

sounds like a fantastic weekend. 90 degrees? holy toledo..im envious.

belly is looking beautiful. i love that shade of blue on you!

twondra said...

Love the belly pics as always. :)

Sounds like you had a great weekend with beautiful weather. :) I'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic. I love following along on your blog. I'm so excited for all of you. I'm so happy you had a great weekend.


Ryan and Stuart said...

Tiff -
You look adorable!!! BTW, I am collecting some of our favorite baby items to send to you for the twins.

Andrea said...

What a post! So much going on for you guys! I love the planter boxes, and the ROOM! So stinking cute. Your belly is adorable, you carry pregnancy very well Tiff. I loves you mucho...haven't been on facebook much, but I am always thinking of you guys!!! Hugs and kisses!!