Friday Night

Some highlights of our Friday night.

Setting: In the car on the way to dinner at Pasta Pomodora

Elianna: "I NEEEEEED a padded bra!"
Me: (jaw drops)
Serena: (laughs)
Susie: (looks at me and laughs)
Me: "Why Elianna?"
Elianna: (in a flustered voice) "Because I just do Mom!" (For those of you who don't know, she calls me Mom.)

Setting: Check out counter at Kohl's department store
Susie: "Serena, put the underwear on the counter."
Serena to the checker: "I got-ted new underwear because my dog chewed mine!"

What a night! Those girls crack me up, we had a fun little night out. The girls would love me to mention that we caught them pantsing a bikini wearing mannequin. They quickly fixed it, but thought it was just the funniest thing ever.

Elianna is snoozing away on Gabe's side of the bed, I wish I was, but for some reason I can no longer sleep past 6:30 no matter what time I go to bed.

We are waiting for the call to see if Elianna's softball game is cancelled due to rain. If so, we will head over to my Grammy's house for a bit and then off to the Home and Garden Show. Gabe will be home in 12 hours. Yahooooo!!!

Have a good weekend!

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Andrea said...

hahaha. OMG. Classic. I love this post. Oh to be moms. LOL.