Boys Make Good Company

I had some good company today and they were all boys! My boys in my belly have been making their presents known. After I eat something they go wild and crazy. I have even been able to feel them to the touch, but no one else has yet. Seems no one is around when I feel them.

My other boys with the four legs have also been good company today. Memphis is really starting to shape up and enjoys being able to go outside for long periods of time now that the weather is nice, thank goodness since walks are out of the question.

Gabe was home for about 5 minutes today, that was good company, but it didn't last long. He went to the grocery store for me and then to band practice. I had ordered the groceries online, but they called to say that they were having computer problems. Wonderful timing. Not sure if I will try that again.

The house has been bothering me today, I look around and see so much I want to do. I know I can't, and I won't, but it truly is bothering me, and I hate asking Gabe for knit picky things. I am not one for clutter or stuff laying around. It makes it VERY hard to relax. Gabe has enough on his plate, he doesn't have time for the little stuff. Keeping up with the laundry, dishes, and animals is enough.

Tomorrow is 21 weeks, which means three more weeks into viability. 21 more days, hang on boys! Tomorrow is also our next peri appt. and I pray we get some good news. Please lord bless us with some good news. I don't even care if I remain on high level bedrest, just please please some uplifting news.

Wow, the whole time I am typing this the boys are going crazy, amazing how much more I can feel them today vs. yesterday. They must have gone through a growth spurt. This is enough movement to keep me up all night, and honestly I might sort of like that, it is an amazing feeling.

What about Aaden? Sometimes I look at it and it looks misspelled and then other times I look at it and I love it. Elianna suggested a middle name and it may very well stick... Aaden Parker.

*Oh and sorry... I have added some ads to the bottom of my posts, it used to only be on the side bar, but being out of work much earlier than anticipanted and the fact that I may not be getting my first disability check for four weeks, I decided to add them in more places. A couple dollars, is a couple dollars, sorry.


Melissa Griffin said...

Maybe its a good sign for me cause the name we have always picked out is Aiden Patrick so I love the name Aaden and I love the spelling!!!

Ashley said...

If I have twins I was planning on naming one of them Aiden too;) Enjoy feeling those wonderful little boys! I hope you have a wonderful week!

Hernandez Clan said...

Good Luck!

Meant to be a mom said...

How exciting to feel those boys moving so much. Its such a blessing I know.
Aaden Parker is such an adorable name. I love it. Not that it matters what I think but from a random persons side, I like it allot!
Sorry your loosing it from boredom. I can only imagine. But your doing it for your boys. What a good mamma!

Bobbi said...

I like the spelling Aiden and Parker is a great middle name!