Mother's Day

I used to dread Mother's Day. It was a day that I thought I might never be honored and it scared and depressed me to the core. Some years it ranked right up there with Christmas. Today I am baffled to hear "Happy Mother's Day" being said to me.

This week I received three Mother's Day greeting cards in the mail along with an e-card. All for me, the woman who only dreamed this day would come.

My Dad was very cute, he has invited me over to his house to cook breakfast for me. So, that comes this morning and then later we will go to my Grammy's for a BBQ. I know Gabe has something for me, I am excited to see what it is. Wake up... wake up!

Yesterday was a good day. We awoke and busted butt cleaning the yard and then honey and my Step-Dad busted more butt and finished expanding our back yard fence. We had this wasted side yard space, so we decided to fence it in as part of the back yard for two reasons. #1, the baby's room window is now fenced in, and #2 this new said yard will be a dog run for the maniac's.

While the boys finished that, Mom My and I headed off to this store I had been hearing about a couple of towns over. It is called The Sandbox, and I am IN LOVE. It is a children's consignment shop. Right up my alley, I love designer clothes, but with the two and our tight budget ever Target clothes are a little much for us to afford. I snagged some fantastic deals. I love finding the Gap and Old Navy jeans and overalls and that I did for $3 and $4 each. I was also able to find a Janie & Jack romper for baby girl, a brown gymboree sweater and hat with a tractor on it, a Mulberrybush outfit for baby boy, a camo Cabela's romper with the tags still on it, a precious pink boppy cover for the boppy I scored at a yard sale, along with a lot more. The large bag was full and still only $63, which of course my Mom helped pay for. I can't wait to go back, because obviously new items arrive daily, the better part is that someday after the babes wear them, I can bring those clothes back and consign them. I have my eye on some Robeez which of course are normally $25 -30, she is asking $10 for them. So next time! And there will be a next time because this store just happens to be in the same town as my acupuncture. See, I guess that is a great reason to go to acupuncture.

After shopping... WE REGISTERED! Which again is something I have only dreamed of. Our baby shower invites have been printed and by the way are too stinkin' cute, so we thought it best to register at at least one of the places we plan to register. I will try to post the proof of the invite, however there is some personal info (like where the shower is) this really isn't a good idea to share with the whole blogosphere, so let me see if I can black that out. If not, I can post the link to the sample. Gabe and I both had so much fun scanning items for our little pumpkins. We didn't find any of the big ticket items we liked at this store, in fact the store didn't even have a ny double strollers, but are hoping to find more of what we need at the next store. Of course me being the planner I have research the strollers and car seats obsessively, so I know what I want! But might I say the selection of double strollers is not all that great. Each stroller has some sort of downfall, so you have to decide which downfall you can live with. I will share more another day on what we decided for strollers and car seats.

I want to take a minute and send a Happy Mother's Day out to the Mama's, I also want to send a very large hug out the Mama's whom are still waiting or who have lost their little ones. I know that a hug can't take away your pain, and I wish it could. I will be thinking of you today. Again, I feel guilty.


Hernandez Clan said...

I love ya Tiff. I love ya for still sympathizing with your friends, I love ya for always hanging in there and I love to be able to finally tell you Happy Mothers Day. You are a great person and you will be a fantastic Mommy!!!!


Hernandez Clan said...

P.S. I don't know any of your friends that you follow...but HappyFuture/Past/Present Mothers Day to them as well...

Once a mother always a mother, it doesn't take kids to make you a mom, it takes that want, desire and hope...


twondra said...

You're such a sweetheart Tiffany. You always think of others. Thank you for that. (((HUGS)))

Congrats on registering! That's gotta be an awesome feeling!

Happy Mother's Day!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

sounds like a great weekend. cant wait to hear what gabe had planned!