Bedding For the Boys?

Can you tell I am bored and trying to avoid FF and googling cerclage?

We still like the monkey/jungle theme, but I wanted to find something not as gender neutral. What do you think? Remember the room color is that pale green color and the cribs are light wood. Open to any thoughts.

I have been looking for western/cowboy, but can't seem to find any with that pale green color in it and I really don't want to paint nor can I paint. Just last weekend we did touch up in the room, I really can't see painting it again, so the green is staying.


Anonymous said...

Very cute. I love the jungle theme. You could always do the cowboy theme and throw a blanket in that would tie the colors together.


Kelly said...

Have you looked at the Zanzibar theme baby bedding? I have it and i love it.

Meant to be a mom said...

Awe this bedding is adorable. I love all the little animals.

Mimi said...

You can't go wrong with the jungle theme. Especially if you have green walls. Most cowboy stuff has blues, whites, browns and reds in it! Good luck and stay away from Mr. Google!


Kim said...

Hey Tiff - I know you said you were avoiding FF, but I just wanted to let you know that there are a TON of people that are concerned for you and have been sending LOTS of prayers your way!

At my hospital class last weekend, the instructor gave us "tips" for bedrest. I'll go look for them and send them your way. It may help pass the time!

Thinking of you! Kim (Kelseykim)

happymomof2 said...

I had the same problem finding bedding for our son that went with the green walls. We didn't have time to paint before his arrival (surprise adoption) nor did I really want to! I never really liked the bedding that we did pick out, my husband liked it so I went with it. Now we are getting ready to transition into a toddler bed and I am trying to fine train bedding. Anyhoo, in my search I will keep an eye out for bedding suggestions for you. Good Luck, thinking and praying for you!!!!

Anonymous said...

So cute…. what a lovely post on Boys Bedding!! I too have recently shopped at Spacify for them.