Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Baby A is still a Boy
Baby A is our little thumb sucker

Baby A greeted us with a little wave hello. It was the first thing we saw when the machine was turned on.

Baby A
SURPRISE! Baby B is a boy too.

Our Little B
B's Foot
Our little A
Precious B our little wiggle worm
B's Toes


jill said...

both boys are PRECIOUS! praying for you and the babes in texas. hope you're surviving the bed rest!

Melissa Griffin said...

OMG - twin boys!!!!

Yeah how exciting!!!!

Anonymous said...

They are absolutely beautiful.

Hernandez Clan said...

Well aren't they handsome little devils.

Ryan and Stuart said...

What wonderful pictures! Two little boys will be so much fun - they'll be best friends!!!

Meant to be a mom said...

Both boys are so ADORABLE. I love all of these pics. What little miracles.

The Browns said...

Those are so cool! It is amazing to see those pictures. I had my first ultrasound a few weeks ago & I have another one next week. We won't find out what I'm having until next month though. I am only having ONE, but I have a twin sister & she is my best friend. Twins have such a special bond & I'm sure you will love being a mother of twins!
Bon :)