Truly Blessed, Our Pregnancy (same video two ways to view it)



Christina said...

Hey, thanks for making me cry!! I used to do the same thing with the remote at night, that was amazing to see again. That was wonderful, and beautiful, you look great, you've done so good, and I can't wait to meet your sons!!!

G & H said...

Is it wierd that I am crying? That was so beautiful! 13 days and you get to meet your 2 boys! What a wonderful blessing!!!

Tiffany said...

Where's the Mima comment? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Tiffany that was so good. I just wanted to sit here and cry and cry. I love you so much and you are going to the best MOMMY anyone could ever have. You are meant to be a MOM.....and your wish or should I say you wishes are almost here!!

Love you Strawberry Shortcake,
Love MOM

Mama Tina said...

The Mima comment: Would have been exactly the same thing your Mother wrote :) I was almost going to copy and paste:) You already know it made me cry(I called you, remember the 2 hour phone call this afternoon...lol)

I've said it before and I'll say it again....You and Gabe are going to be the best parents a child (in your case two) (for now that is) anyway I was saying the best parents a child could dream for!!!

You have done such a great job making sure my grandsons will be born healthy....what more could a MIL ask for??? Well, maybe a couple more little monkeys in the future.

Love you....mean it


Sue Lambrix said...

I cried like a baby............made me wish so much that things had been different when I spent 12 unsuccessful years ...........you & others are sooo blessed with modern technology. I can hardly wait to see these 2 amazing little boys! I want to know how to make a video like that!!!

ks and jd said...

What a great tribute to the process and the joy of expecting. Beautiful job!

Flying Monkeys said...


Mama Tina said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Now how about a slide show of yours and Gabe's wedding??? So I can cry again today

Crying is good when they are happy tears!!!

Love you.... mean it


P.S. I will call you in a bit...I just made my reservations to fly there :)

Mimi said...

Oh goodness girl. I'm in tears. That was really special. I want to do the same thing once they come. I love it!

Thank you for the package. I will be looking for it! You are sooooo sweet. There are a few shirts in your pictures I love too. LOL


Jessica said...

I'm crying and I don't even know you, haha! That was beautiful. We are going through our 1st IVF cycle, and I hope that we have the same success as you. Congrats on your twins and I wish you the best with delivery...so exciting!!!


Polly Gamwich said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Tiffas, Mom just showed me the video, it is just beautiful! Words cannot even begin to explain how happy I am for you and Gabe. You both are such good people and deserve every bit of good luck that is now coming your way. Your love for each other has brought you here, to this place in time, and your love for each other will continue to grow through parenthood. I have faith in your love and I believe you will be the best parents any two little boys could have! And even though I am 14 hours away I want to be very much a part of the boy's lives. I can only hope I will mean as much to them as you and Gabe mean to me! I love you Tiffany, with all my heart!

-Your sister in law-

Hernandez Clan said...

So we just got back and I am hitting all my sites now, of course yours is first :) I am already plugged up from allergies and now I have tears and more snot to go along with it. I love you both oh so much! Your boys are the luckiest boys in the world!!!!

Kelly (nugget322 from FF.com) said...

What a great video. I was bawling through it all. What a great song too. Im so happy for you and little ones. A true miracle!