Necklace and a Change

Mondays are my LOOOOONNNNGGGG days. I have come to despise Mondays even more than ever now. Most Mondays I have no human contact for at least 16 hours. Well, today is most likely my last long, no human contact Monday EVER! Seems so WEIRD! See next Monday is a holiday so Gabe will be home and hopefully the following Monday I will be a MOM!!!
Today on my last long Monday a package arrived, which brought a smile to my face, I knew right away what it was. I have been waiting for it...

So, we have a slight change in delivery plans. The Peri disagreed with the OB and put a halt on the scheduled c-section. She wants me to hold on as long as possible and go into labor on my own. I will know more details on Thursday, but for now I will have the cerclage removed the morning of the 9th at L&D here in town and then walk around for two hours. If in those two hours I have dilated we will go ahead with the c-section. If not, I will go home and wait to go into labor or wait for September 23rd (38 weeks) to be induced. Of course I was a little bummed because I am such a planner, but my OB seems to think it will still probably happen around the 9th or sooner, so we will see. I want whatever is best for the boys, but am really getting anxious to meet them and well... ummmm... just a little uncomfortable. Okay, who am I kidding? A lot uncomfortable!


Mama Tina said...

I love them!!! Where did you get them??? I just realized the little birthstone shoe I gave you (Gabe's) represents not only your DH , but it will also be Noah and Aaden's birthstone :)

Tell, Phoenix, Mima said to keep you company on your last "long" Monday.

Talk to you soon!!!

Love you....mean it


P.S. Package has arrived, (2:41) UPS on this side of town seems very punctual :) Thanks again!!!

Hernandez Clan said...

I love the necklace! I need one of those! So cute. Where did you them!!! (yes I copied your MIL's comment).

oh how we miss you guys. I still cannot believe you are gonna be a mommy soon. YAY you! (holding back tears...sometimes I think Im the emotional prego mom when it comes to you and these boys!)

BB said...

Wow... I can't beleive how close you are to seeing your babies! So so very excited for you! You are going to be super busy in a few weeks! BTW... I have a few questions for you... sorry if I have missed out on your older posts (and this is a repeat), but when did you start seeing a Peri? Is it recommended to see a Peri for twins right from the begining (instead of waiting for something to happen - which I hope it doesn't). Did you have to request for one to your OB... or did your OB recommend? When did you start going to a Peri?

Ryan said...

Oh gosh - sorry for the change in plans. On the 9th, get those walking shoes on, an exercise ball, and some RRL tea and get to work! :-) I can't imagine how uncomfortable you are getting. Just a bit longer . . . hang in there!

Jess said...

YAY for never being alone on Mondays from here on out! I'm so overjoyed that your little pumpkins made it...I've been praying for them for so long!

I love the necklace!


twondra said...

Awww, that is sooooo cute! I love it!!

Meant to be a mom said...

The necklace is so sweet.
I'm glad your doing good and enjoyed your last free Monday.
I hope your boys are ready to come and are as healthy as can be when they do. Prayers!

Sarah Orr said...

I had to walk around the queen for 2 hours when I was in labor with Lili....oh, the memories!