For Real?

This is a true story... seriously it is!

Setting: In bed 12:35 a.m. Gabe is asleep, I am tossing and turning and still have yet to fall asleep and have been up every hour on the hour to pee.

Gabe: (Awakes suddenly from sleep) Ahhhh.. I am uncomfortable!
Me: What? (I heard what he said, but I guess I just wanted to hear it again)
Gabe: I am uncomfortable!
Me: Are you freakin' kidding me?
Gabe: What?
Me: (struggling to get out of bed to use the bathroom yet again) JOIN THE CLUB!

I return back to bed a minute later, he is already sound asleep AGAIN. If only my only struggle to falling asleep and uncomfortableness was the fact that Phoenix was laying at my feet. Tonight I will pump him full of salt until his feet and hands swell like sausages, then I will make him swallow a whole watermelon, feed him peppers to inflict heartburn, and have him run until his whole body aches. Maybe then he will know what uncomfortable is. Just kidding, really I am, and I probably shouldn't have said that out loud, but ehhh well... I did! And I am not complaining about my uncomfortableness, because it means our boys are big and healthy. I am sure he was "uncomfortable," but ummm... just think about who you are saying it to before you complain. Love you honey! Thanks for the laugh!!!

Happy Birthday to my dear sweet Elianna! Today she is 12 years old.

I have my 34 week appointment tomorrow. I will post an update when I get home... if I come home. I have a feeling we might be making some progress. I am feeling a lot of pressure and I think Noah has dropped even lower. So, we will see. Still hoping for another week or two, but SO thankful for how far we have come.

Thursday I will venture out across town for an hour to a "Mommy lunch." I can't believe it, I was invited to a real Mommy lunch. My friend Katie asked me out to bagels for Mommy talk. Along with Katie comes her little Hayden, another Mom and her son, and Katie's SIL, Jen whom has four week old twin boys! I cannot wait to go to my first Mommy lunch and to meet Jen and pick her brain.


twondra said...

I think I would've lost it if I were you. :) That's funny.

I hope the appointment goes well and you have fun at your Mommy lunch. :)

Carol said...

LOL - too funny! I can see that happening. My DH would keep complaining that he was tired and uncomfortable too some nights...I just glared and he stopped.

Have fun at your mommy lunch. I'm sure you'll enjoy watching the little ones and getting some much needed time out of the house!

And a huge congratulations on making it to 34 weeks!!! It's a great milestone, especially for twins. Every day now is icing on the cake for the boys.

ks and jd said...

LOL! I love it when my DH whines, especially when I'm on high amounts of estrogen!!! That's dangerous territory!

I hope your appointment goes well and you make it to your first Mommy Lunch! All the best!

Hernandez Clan said...

Yay for mommmy lunches!!! Yay!!! That is again...if you arent holding your boys by then. I to would like you to go another week (as I sit here not prego and comfortable...) I only want you to wait so that by the time we get down there we don't miss to much! Hehe.

Christina said...

Oh god those last few weeks..brings tears to my eyes thinking about how uncomfortable I was!!

Meant to be a mom said...

Oh no, My husband hasn't quite said those words yet but he'll say something complaining and I'll say back "yah try lugging this extra weight around all day and tell me how you feel" and he'll say back "yes honey, I know your pregnant and have it way worse than me". That really ticks me off because he's agreeing with me but almost in a snotty way :). AHHH!

Happy b-day to your little Eliana.

And how exciting. It might be time. I know you want them to stay in longer so whatever happens I pray for the health of your babies.

I hope you get lots of info at the mommies lunch. Enjoy!