Show and Tell

Since I don't have many new pictures or exciting stories to share, I have decided to share our all time favorite vacation. Probably the only perk of infertility is the ability to vacation every year to some great places.

In May of 2007 we flew to Miami and took a cruise to Grand Cayman, Jamaica, and Cozumel. Gabe and I still both believe it was the best vacation ever, and it may remain that way for quite some time, probably until we can take our little boys to Hawaii or Mexico.

I am a big fan of cruises, I love laying by the pool and getting to dress up and eat great food every night. I also love to be able to go to three destinations.

The Miami Airport

My Step-Dad and I in front of Miami Ink in South Beach

Grand Cayman on our way to swim with the sting rays
Probably one of the funnest days EVER
My hot Mama swimming with the sting rays
Handsome Boys

The Mayan ruins in Cozumel
This was formal night, I think my honey ate five lobster tails that night

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Hernandez Clan said...

you are perfectly tanned in these pics.I love it.