33 Weeks and Big Babies

Sorry, I am a day late on this post. Yesterday was 33 weeks, I am still shocked that we have made it this far. We had a growth scan yesterday at the Peri's office and we have a couple of big babies. Baby A (Noah) is 4 lbs. 13 oz. and Baby B (Aaden) is 5 lbs. 3 oz. I was extremely delighted to hear these weights. These are fantastic weights for twins, after hearing this I felt like this huge fear just floated away and I was all smiles. It was the first time in a long time that I truly believed things might just be okay.

Both babies are measuring ahead and were "breathing." The tech was so excited to see them "breathing" I still don't fully get it, but I guess it is a great thing, which shows that they are using their lungs. My cervix was still closed and my placenta was "mature", which is a sign that the end is near. Fluid levels on the babies are still great and my contractions and swelling have subsided a bit.

We were able to see Aaden's hair, and he has lots of it... it had to be almost as cute as the shot we have with the little feet. I was told to stop progesterone next week and to also discuss stopping the blood pressure medicine with my OB as well. Holy moly... stopping meds, this is the real deal. It seems most twins come around 35 weeks and the Peri seems to think we are "ready if it happens." I of course would like at least two more weeks. I was told that after 34 weeks many times the hospital will not try to postpone labor for twins, so it could be any day now.

I keep laughing about the Preemie clothes we have, which I was so worried about getting. Now it seems they have already grown out of a couple of them and wouldn't ya know it my scared butt just recently washed them and took the tags off. I also just stocked up on three packs of preemie diapers. Oh well, I am sure the preemie stuff will still fit for a week or so, even if some of them do say they are for up to 5 pounds.

I am still in shock at the news and both Gabe and I felt this big sense of relief, so much that we actually put stuff together. We put together the pack n' play with bassinets (that was a chore) and we put together one Boppy bouncy seat, couldn't go all crazy with two, but we did do one.

Next week will be the delivery discussion and a huge part of me is leaning towards the c-section route, but ultimately it is up to my OB. In the beginning he thought going straight to a c-section with twins was best, but then when Noah went head down, I was leaning towards a vaginal delivery. My fear is laboring for hours and hours and then going to a c-section or having Noah vaginally and having to do a c-section with Aaden. I would rather go straight to it if that is the case, but of course we don't know what will happen. The other reason I am leaning towards c-section is because I didn't get to take any of the labor, pain management, or breathing classes, so Ms. Prepared feels unprepared, but I am sure I could handle it.

Twin Mama's what are your thoughts? I know more than 50% of twins go c-section, and I know having it planned rather than an emergency is much safer. I am aware that the recovery is worse, but we will have help. My other thought is that my cerclage is set to come out at 36 weeks, and I was told this will be some what painful. Couldn't they just give me the spinal and remove the cerclage the same time as the c-section? Would they do a planned c-section at 36 weeks with babies measuring ahead?

This week your baby weighs a little over 4 pounds (heft a pineapple) and has passed the 17-inch mark. He's rapidly losing that wrinkled, alien look and his skeleton is hardening. The bones in his skull aren't fused together, which allows them to move and slightly overlap, thus making it easier for him to fit through the birth canal. (The pressure on the head during birth is so intense that many babies are born with a conehead-like appearance.) These bones don't entirely fuse until early adulthood, so they can grow as his brain and other tissue expands during infancy and childhood. http://www.babycenter.com/

Dear Noah & Aaden,

First off I want to thank you for cooperating through all of this. Thank you for holding strong, gaining weight, and tickling your Mommy. Thank you for the wonderful rib and bladder kicks, and thank you for making my dreams come true. I know I have been sad lately, but I really think it is because I love you so very much and I can't stand the thought that something may not turn out just right. You boys have brought a new sunshine to my life and I cannot wait to start our lives together. I cannot wait for You, Me, and Daddy to share new adventures and watch our world explode with love. I cannot believe that soon I will be holding and loving on you both. I cannot believe that soon my nights will be spent rocking and caring for the two most precious gifts ever. Please know that you are my miracles, you are everything we have ever wanted. We all can't wait to meet you. Keep holding strong for at least another couple weeks! Oh and if you could... please go easy on me. Lets get these feedings down pat, work on a nice matching schedule, and if you could sleep through the night soon that would be great too. I love you boys and your Daddy more than words could ever express.



Dave and Elaine said...

You may still need those premmie clothes/diapers! My little girl was born at 5lbs. 12 oz. and she was in preemie clothesdiapers for about 3 weeks!

I am so excited for you! I've followed your journey since the start and it is so exciting to see you get this far. 33 weeks!!!! Amazing!!!!

Jen said...

I was induced at 33 and 6 days due to IUGR of my twin boys. My cerclage was removed at 9 am and I thought my vag delivery would be quick since I contracted for about 16 weeks with no cervix. No so, that cervix did not budge. I had to be put on pitocin and I still did not dilate past 3. Ask your doctor about the cerclage causing scar tissue buildup that does not allow you to dilate completely. My doc thought that was what happened with me. My cerclage was placed at 18 weeks. I ended up doing a c-section at 8 pm, so I did labor all day with no results. Bummer. Wish I had gone c-section in the beginning. Recovery hurt (was concerned about conditioning due to long term bedrest), but it really was not too bad. You get this huge rush of strength and energy with the birth, so I feel like it helps the recovery. Plus, if you have help, that will be great. I would have done the section at 9 am that morning if I could do it all over again.

MJS said...

I had my twin boys vaginally. I would recommend trying this first because they can always manually try to turn the second twin! The recovery is so much less and even though you have help, you will want to do so much more than the pain of a c-section will cause. Whatever you choose I am sure will be the right option for you! Good luck and can't wait to see those babies!!

Hernandez Clan said...

Yeah Neya was born at 7+ lbs and she was in a preemie outfit when we brougth her home and for a week there after. Just depends on them and how the weight falls I suppose. LOL.

I am so excited for you. Unfortunately I have no stories on how to deliver best with twins or what questions to ask but i do want to say...

I was sitting at work reading this and when i read your letter to Noah and Aaden i broke down in tears. UGH sooo sooo soo happy for you two...well...you FOUR! hehe. So happy.

BB said...

I am so very excited and happy for you!!! I can't put it in words! Wishing you good luck with the next few weeks honey! You are going to be a great Mommy! {HUGS}

Meant to be a mom said...

What wonderful news. I'm so happy to hear that the boys are both doing so well and breathing and they are healthy weights.

I'll keep you and the boys in my prayers for a safe delivery here in the coming weeks.

Cassandra said...

Happy 33 weeks!

It might also be that Noah can wear the preemie clothes but Aaden needs newborn clothes from the start.

If you don't end up needing the preemie stuff, there are unfortunately many people who can make good use of it, either in your area or in the blogosphere.

My thought for the (not that many) preemie clothes I have: If I end up not needing them because the babies are born not-early and big, I'll be thrilled. It will be the best money I ever wasted.

twondra said...

Love the letter! So sweet!

I can't believe it's already been 33 weeks! How awesome!!!

Ryan said...

As you know, I didn't want a c-section - but it really wasn't that bad! As for labor classes - we did 12 weeks worth and it all went out the window. You'll do great no matter what!!

I am SO happy those babies are healthy and strong! Way to cook them Mama!

Jess said...

I LOVE YOU NOAH AND AADEN! I'm so happy to hear how big they are...you are going to bring home two healthy baby boys....YAY!

Your letter made me teary eyed.


Carol said...

Woo hoo, congrats on those big boys! Their weights are fantastic. I hope they keep on gaining weight.

My twins were born at 36 weeks, 2 days, but my little girl was the size of a 32 weeker (she had IUGR) and she needed preemie diapers for about a month. My boy however went right into size 1. So you just never know - I wasn't prepared for a preemie size and had to run out to get preemie clothes. At least you're prepared for anything!

I was able to vaginally deliver my twins (21 minutes apart) and I was thrilled to do so. The dr. did have to turn baby B around before I could deliver him, but they were able to do so (TG for the epi!!!). Not having a c-section made tandam breastfeeding much easier as I didn't have stiches to work around. It was also much easier to walk around and bend over to pick up the twins together.

And I love the letter to your boys. Don't forget to put a copy in their baby book. I'm sure they'll love to read it when they are older.
Carol (from FF)

Dan and Gretchen said...

I had my twin boys at 38 weeks 1 day with a scheduled c-section. I too could have had the vaginal delivery, but my apprehensions were similar to yours...I didn't want to have to do both. The c-section recovery was a BREEZE. I will for sure have another c-section, and bypass labor all together. I was up and out to the pediatrician with my boys on day 5, and even made a trip to Target and out to lunch.

Do whatever your heart tells you to do, but I'm here to say the C-section isn't bad at all.

Best wishes to you, and congrats on making it this far.

FeyIndigoWolf said...

I'm so excited for you! I can't believe that they will be here so relatively soon! I hope they give you a couple of more weeks so you guys can be as prepared as possible.

Two Little Bugs and a Bichon said...

I had a c-section, and dont regret it for a second. My OB wouldnt schedule before 38 weeks, but at 37 weeks and 5 days I was 5cm dilated. I recovered quickly, and was glad I did the section. Too much can go wrong during labor with twins, I know many will disagree. :-) As far as 'your life is over'...your life is just beginning. The work and lack of sleep fall to the side when you see those eyeballs staring at your every morning. I feel life just began...