Show and Tell Oldies, but Goodies

My 16th Birthday

Easter 1998, Angel Island

May 1999


Yosemite, 1998

Disneyland 2001

The day I got my drivers license


Winter dance, 2000
First dance together February 1998
Senior Prom 2000
1997Baby Gabe
Junior Prom 1999


Christina said...

How cute are you guys? :))

Mama Tina said...

Wow...that was a really nice trip down memory lane:) The picture of your DH (Baby Gabe) was taken in 1981 :) His Dad dressed him that day...lol

Love you mean it

Your Favorite MIL :)

Jess said...

AWE, you two have so much history...what a beautiful story to share with your little boys someday!


Hernandez Clan said...

so I tried to look at this last night and show RC but my phone was freaking out and I was to lazy to get the laptop out. Now I am at work and I just wanted to say...


love the old pics. Boy how far you have come!

twondra said...

Sooooo sweet! Love the pictures!!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

you guys are TOO cute and your love for eachother radiates from these pictures!

i cant wait to see pics of the FOUR of you!

Madsen Family said...

cute! btw, c-section recoveries aren't that bad, i don't know any better but i love them because there are no surprises! so happy to hear the boys are doing so well, can't wait to see them!