A Sunset For Noah & Aaden and FOOD

Dream Dinners? Have you heard of it? I am trying to figure out what we are going to do about food once the boys come home. Originally I planned to be cooking, cooking, cooking right now and freezing meals, but I can't do that. Although Gabe and I are going to make a large batch of pesto sauce tomorrow since our basil plants have gone nuts and we will freeze that. But we can't live on pesto alone and once these boys are here the healthy eating habits are coming back in full swing. Well.... or partial swing. I went to the website and there is a location not too far from here, but it seems pricey for what you get. Seems like maybe I could buy frozen meals at Trader Joe's for way less. Anyone have any thoughts or experience?


Mama Tina said...

Absolutly Beautiful!!!

Hernandez Clan said...

I have no idea where to go, I know my moms work bought dinners for her boss when she was out sick from work so let me ask her what they used. Maybe it will be cheaper, it was good food to so it could be worth it.

Where are you taking all these pics at? The background is gorgeous.

Cassandra said...

Beautiful photo, sunset and belly alike!

I've never done DD because as a vegetarian they always have too many dishes I can't eat, plus it involves me actually doing the cooking -- but I have a non-veg friend with young kids who loves it.

I have, however, had several personal chefs over the years -- someone does your grocery shopping, cooks the food in your house, and fills your fridge (all of the chefs I have used have left 20 portions plus side dishes). Personal chefs don't seem to cost much more than DD and you get the added bonus of someone else doing the cooking as well as being able to choose/suggest the dishes yourself rather than relying on the set DD menu.

But nowadays in an effort to save money we rely on frozen and other prepared meals from TJs and elsewhere, as well as takeout. The frozen meals are quite a bit cheaper than the personal chef, and the takeout is pretty comparable depending on where we go. My biggest problem is that my freezer isn't big enough. But, I will say that you have to be careful with a lot of the TJ meals because they can be surprisingly unhealthy -- which is what caused DH to insist that we try the personal chef in the first place, years ago.

Right now our plan is to force the relatives who visit us after the babies are born to cook up a storm and leave the freezer full (some people more than others, of course!), and then we'll figure it out from there after a couple of months when the visitors have stopped and the freezer is empty.

twondra said...

Love the picture! So sweet!

Thanks for the comment on my blog. It means a lot that you understand. (((HUGS)))

Birdee said...

I have wondered what I'm going to do about food, but my neighbor came over the other day and said she has lined up the neighbors to bring food over for the first week, that will help.
After that - I guess... campbells soup?! Hopefully I'll not be so overwhelmed that I can start cooking and shopping again.
I have loaded up my house with easy foods like cereal, oatmeal, pasta noodles and sauce-n-frozen meat balls, guess that wont be too hard.
Sometimes the hardest thing (when I had DS) was paying attention and figuring out what foods affected my milk that upset DS's tummy. Then avoiding those foods. (Like onions, broccoli, and my fave's Coffee and Chocolate =(

BB said...

That is such a beautiful picture! Sorry, no great input for the food situation (other than thinking of frozen meals)!

Sandy said...

Love the pic.
Stacks of frozen vegies is a good start if you don't want to be spending too much plus they can be better for you as you don't know how long the vegies have been at the supermarket before you buy them. Freezing your own pesto sounds like a fab idea aswell.

Helene said...

Okay, so here's what I did because I was worried about the same thing....

Anytime someone asked if we needed anything, I'd say "yes, next time you make dinner, can you please double the recipe and bring us half of it?". You wouldn't believe how many friends were willing to do that. I had so many meals stored in our freezer!!

Also, there are places all over the US called "Dinner My Way" (and there are others too...just google it) and you can go in and put your meals together and then freeze them. Everything is provided (food and veggies already cut up, no prep, no clean up). I realize while you're on bedrest you can't really do that but they do have a program (specifically for pregnant women) where they'll put the meals together for you and then you just have someone go pick them up (like your hubby or a friend).

Also, the frozen meals at TJ's are very good. Store up on lots of frozen dinners!!!

Sounds like you're doing really well! The picture is gorgeous!

Mama Tina said...

Is Mrs. McDonald's still open??? How convenient is that??? Just down the street from you :) Of course not living there for over a year and a half I have no idea if they are still in business. Then there is "SupperTime" but they (Pat Savage)(want me to call her and ask her for a discount?) a bit expensive for more than once in awhile. Is Vacaville the closet place to purchase the "Dream Dinners"??? I agree with Helene on here (the blog)just have everyone bring a dish over when they come to visit. The first thing someone usually asks after you get home from the hospital is: "We'd like to come by and see you and the babies" and "is there anything you need us to bring?" There you go baby girl your answer "a home cooked dinner would be nice" but I know you IRL , and you won't ask. So if friends and family are reading this blog "Please feed my kids" and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Happy 32 weeks!!!

Love you....mean it