26 Weeks, an Update, and Some Show and Tell

Today marks 26 weeks and I go back to the quote from my husband "babies born at 26 weeks have a 95% chance of survival." (Not sure where he found the statistic, but I choose to use it as hope for this week.)

I had an OB appointment and it was HORRIBLE. Not that the outcome was necessarily horrible, but the experience was awful. I waited OVER an hour and a half to see my OB and then once I did he was a grouch, I am sorry, but sitting in the waiting room for an hour and then a hard chair for 30 minutes is NOT bedrest. I had a few questions I wanted to ask and I was afraid to ask them. He was so grouchy he wasn't even going to look at the boys, just my cervix. My cervix has remained stable for yet another week. We discovered that the OB was measuring differently then the Peri. With his measurement I was again at a 2.3, but then he measured how he thinks the Peri is measuring at it was still a 1.5. Stability for 3 weeks is good in my opinion, now just give me stability for 7 - 10 more please.

My belly is measuring 33 weeks, I thought it would be measuring farther along because I feel huge. Our beautiful boys were doing well after I pushed to take a little look at them. Then the OB chose to bring some doom and gloom and told me that he has confidence that I would make it past 28 weeks, but doesn't feel I will make it much further than 32 weeks. Wow, I knew it was reality, but to have him say that to me was hard... not to mention he was NOT comforting, because again he was a GROUCH. My appt. next time is with a different OB in the office as per my request.

I am trying to prepare myself for the reality of the NICU, I know that I will probably not be coming home with my boys, and I know that my boys are going to have a long bumpy road ahead of them. I have joined a FF message board of NICU moms and they are a wealth of knowledge. All we can do is hope for one day at a time and pray for the health of our boys. Lets prove this OB wrong and make it to 36 weeks!

But Dad, Mommy lays here all day long, why can't we?

Auntie Heather to the rescue!
They are five piece preemie outfits, on the back side is a cute blue sleeper.
Grammy (my Mom) to the rescue!
Yes, these are preemie outfits. No hats, but we discovered that the hats from above could be flipped inside out and the blue matches. LOVE IT!
New blankies from Grammy
Oopppsss some how these got flipped and I don't have the energy to go fix them.
Sorry again. You can guess who bought these. DADDY!
For our little cowboys

Daddy picked these up too, he like things with monkeys on them.
The boys closet, told ya we got a lot of hand me downs
Socks, I know nuts huh? How on earth could they possibly wear this many socks?


0-3 & 3-6 clothes for the dresser which my Dad bought today
6-9 month clothes to pack away. Huge thanks to my Mom for organizing all of this.
9 months + clothes to pack away.
Yes, it was a little sad to not be able to do all this myself, but I am so thankful to my Mom for doing it for me. I wouldn't feel comfortable bossing anyone else around like that. We are set on the clothes, now all we need is "stuff!"


Anonymous said...

Tiffany you look fabulous. I will pray for you to reach 36 weeks. I'm glad you asked for another OB doc. You have to feel comfortable with your doctor. Don't pack those clothes away too long. I did that and when I pulled out my 6-9month clothes for the boys they were almost too small. They grow so fast. All my love to you.

Hernandez Clan said...

That bananas over mommy outfit is the same pants Rian was wearing the day you came to my parents house!!! Hehe. I loved that outfit. Hehe.

I am off today but was going to run to babies R Us for preemie outfits. I take it you are good to go now? Or are they always welcome. How about I refrain unless I find something TOTALLY irresistable. OMG. I am FINALLY making it to the post office today. So much for hitting deadlines.

Once the boys are here you will totally feel my pain!!!

Flying Monkeys said...

At the risk of getting jumped on, I'm not sure that poster was trying to be beotch. For her first comment it was kind of blunt. I spent 9 weeks and 5 days in the NICU with my 7th attempt at IVF (3rd fresh cycle) baby after 17 weeks of strict and 4 weeks of moderate bedrest from a SCH that wouldn't stop bleeding. We delivered early because we were both at risk of bleeding to death at that point. You're not going to be prepared for the NICU. It's it's own roller coaster. Each baby has it's own course. My advice is get a notebook and start writing down questions now, ask questions and take a lot of deep breaths IF it comes to that. I understand what she was trying to do, but realistically I don't think you can prepare for it. Your experience will be different than the next mother's.
So if getting little things ready now keep your spirits up, do it. Do it. I laid in bed helpless and praying that it would be okay, questioning if we made the right choice doing IVF, if 'this' was punishment for wanting a baby so badly. As I look out the window at my 9 year old, who disparately wanted a sibling, and my 2 yo NICU graduate with no residual effects from being born 12 weeks early, I have no regrets. Do what you need to do, because I doubt you're going to push it and risk the babies, to be optimistic and peaceful.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for awhile. Check out this blog you might find comfort in this. Her twins were born early and they are home already.


Jess said...

Dang girl...you look hot! :)

95% that is amazing! Your little boys made out like bandits! They have so much close....and they are all so cute!

I will continue to pray for Aaden and Noah...I want to see them make it ten more weeks!

Mimi said...

You look amazing honey!!! Those boys are going to be dressed to empress!!! Remember, my girls were born at 26 weeks and they are healthy and sassy as ever! LOL


Meant to be a mom said...

You look great.
Glad to hear the boys are doing good. Sorry that your doc was such a rude guy. Hopefully the next one isn't. I agree with you. Prove them wrong and keep then in there longer.

Saffy said...

Crikey, what cool clothes! I esp love the "rock" outfit :) Looking at all your stuff... perhaps you'll never actually have to do laundry :)