Big Thank Yous

My heart has been melting lately as I open packages full of such love, it has been like Christmas around our house. It started with the huge generous gift from Ryan, and then a sweet card from Erin, then of course the fantastic and generous gifts from our baby shower.

Then last week a beautiful package from The Hernandez Clan which brought me to tears. The Hernandez Clan are our friends IRL, but live miles and miles away. I have to say the most touching part is the book they bought for the boys which had little messages written inside from Drea to Mommy & Daddy, and then a separate message to Noah & Aaden.

Then a surprise gift from Polly who purchased the boys this sweet little Baby Einstein toy off our registry at BRU. So very thoughtful and touching! Polly holds a very special place in my heart. Without her I would probably still be doing $900 clomid IUIs.

Huge thank yous, but not just for the gifts. Thank you for your friendships and for being a part of my life. I know I have said it numerous times, but I mean it. Without FF and numerous blog girls I don't know where I would be. Before finding girls in the same situation I felt depressed, ashamed, and alone.

Each of you bloggers and buddy group members have been a part of our journey and without you I wouldn't be here. Seriously I wouldn't! Without Polly telling us about Stanford and without generous FF members donating meds to our cycles we would not be here blessed with twin little boys. Whom might I mention should be here within the next six weeks or so. Can you believe it? I cannot believe how far we have come. Thank you all so very much.

On another note I want to address an email I received this week. It was from a reader who happened upon my blog (she was not a blogger). She said that once she found my blog she went back to entry #1 and sat and read from start to finish. This is not the first email I have received of that kind. Lately I have received quite a few emails like that. She went on to tell me how much hope I gave her and thanked me for sharing our journey. It is emails like that, that make it all worth it. My blogging has not only helped me, but it is helping others. I will take being criticized and judged any day as long as it means I am being me and sharing my journey, and it is benefiting others.


Hernandez Clan said...

i love you tiff!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

seriously, babies bring out the best in people..

glad youre feeling great!

you couldnt have said it better about being appreciative to women on this blog and their support. i feel the SAME exact way! i dont know where id be right now if i hadnt started this blog 10 months ago..

Polly Gamwich said...

Hey no problem ... in return you can just name them after me ... you don't mind Polly as a middle name for either of the boys do you? LOL!!!! ... Hey, it could be like Polly Shore!!!! (though I'm pretty sure he spells it differently)

Seriously, I do feel a part of these boys lives. I do take a little joy in knowing that just my seeing the Stanford study (that **I** did NOT qualify for) helped you and Gabe to make it to the two precious gifts you have incubating in your tummy. That in itself makes me feel on top of the world. I LOVE IT!!

And don't you love getting emails from ladies about their struggles and how your blog has helped them ... what a gift. Now we know that our pain was not in vein.

Hugs sister,