Just 5 More Days

Just five more days until we reach 28 weeks. Yes, I know 28 weeks doesn't put us out of the woods, but at 28 weeks we can stay in town and have our boys at the hospital which Gabe and I were born. Most importantly if we need to leave the boys in the hospital they will only be 1.45 miles away (yes I mapquested it.) Come on beautiful baby boys, we can do this!

We put aluminum foil in the cribs! Supposedly it will keep the cats out. So far so good. We thought about buying crib tents, but they are $80 a pop x2. For now we hope the foil does the trick. Of course we will take it out once the boys come. I guess the cats will try to get in two of three times and don't like the sound and feel of the foil and will remember and should steer clear.
Our Ozzy cat is outside most days, but when he does come in he is dirty and ready to curl up for a long cat nap somewhere cozy. He made his dirtiness apparent all over the crib bedding. Now it is all washed up and WILL remain kitty cat free. Obey your Mama kitty cats!

5 days until 28 weeks, 8 days until Noah & Aaden's baby shower!


Hernandez Clan said...

haha. Nikki did the same thing with Neya's crib. She didn't even bother with Rian's. LOL. We didnt do much outside of a squirt bottle but with the kids they were both in our room the first few months so it was different. Hrm. Aluminum sounds like a good idea though. So hopefully it works!!! Maybe put it on the floor where theu go to get in the cribs to so they don't even have the urge to go in that area.

We miss you!

Christina said...

Yea!!!! You look great too btw!

Meant to be a mom said...

Yay 28 weeks. Thats great, keep staying in boys.
I've never heard of the foil thing. Good idea.

twondra said...

Come on boys! Just 5 more days! You can do it. :)

Dancer4_1 said...

Hey Tiff! I am so glad you get to go to your baby shower! I know that is one of the things you were down about...now you can go!! WOOHOOO! I cant wait to see pics of it...take lots ok! Have fun...and good luck with the cats..lol I have never heard of foil in the bed!! Good luck!

Jill said...

That's great news. You are almost to a huge milestone! Congrats. Hope the kitties behave appropriately. So far, my cat hasn't tried to jump in their cribs or pack-n-play...fingers still crossed.

Jess said...

You received an award from me, check out my blog! :)