Mute Monday


Hernandez Clan said...

Cutest pics! Love them!

Jess said...

Very cute! I'm loving that baby belly...keep growing boys! :)


Meant to be a mom said...

Super cute belly pic! Love it!

Ashley said...


twondra said...

Sooo cute!!

Anna Kauz said...

Love the pictures!

Helene said...

Beautiful pictures...I especially love the first one of your pregnant shadow!!

Oh and I read some of your recent posts and I'll tell you that my OB was convinced I wouldn't make it further than 28 weeks with my 2nd twin pregnancy. At 30 weeks, she said, "Oh, you won't make it another 2 weeks". At 32 weeks, she said, "I bet you'll have those boys in another week". At 33 weeks, I was still hanging tough...I ended up having them at the beginnning of my 34th week due to an emergency situation. So just because doctors have their opinions doesn't necessarily mean it'll happen that way.

Keep on hanging in there!!

Kat the Great said...

Loving the pics!

Anonymous said...

Well Tiff
making my first comment.
Your pictures are so cute!
Guess what happen to me at 13 weeks..
I was put on bedrest on Sunday this sucks I don't know how you have done this as long as you have.I'm sure just thinking about your baby boys as gotten you through. Last week I had planned on dropping off two monkey blankets I now will have to wait until your shower for now. Keep up the great work of taking it easy and you will make it all the way ..

See ya at the shower

Alesha & Family