Can I Take It?

Oppsss it was generic Pepcid that I bought. Can I take it or should I return it for Zantac?

My pregnancy brain knew it started with a P. I googled it and it seems to be fine, but safe fetus doesn't have it listed.

The bedrest (laying down after or while eating) must be making it worse I can hardly eat anything now without being in pain, which would explain why I haven't gained much weight the last two weeks and was complimented on it, but wait... is that a good thing or a bad thing?


Anonymous said...

I know this may sound goofy, but try to eat some pudding, really thick pudding, seemed to help me a lot. As far as the meds, I don't know, sorry.


Mimi said...

All I know is what my docotr told me to take. Tums with calcium. Sorry honey. I would take it back just to be safe!


Christina said...

I took almost everything when I was pregnant..I didn't know heartburn meds were bad for you. I thought my OB said it was fine. They called me in some prescription stuff once, maybe check on that?

Anna Kauz said...

Yeah, my doc told me it was safe but that zantac would work better. The next step after Zantac is perscription... at least that is what he told me. So I went straight to the Zantac.

Madsen Family said...

i wouldn't worry about the weight! at this point in all my pregnancys i kind of stopped gaining weight which my doc said is normal in a lot of people.

twondra said...

I hope you were able to figure things out and I hope you feel better! (((HUGS))))

Dan and Gretchen said...

I took pepcid almost my entire pregnancy...and it was recommended by my Dr.
I didn't have any bedrest, but I sure had horrific heartburn with my boys.

You are getting so close, congrats on making it this far!!!