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So, online you can write a question and have it answered by a well known RE. This one happens to be an RE in Sacramento.
This is IVF #3, and wow what a difference a protocol can make. For the first time we made it to day 5 (at Stanford). We transferred two 4AA blasts and froze 5 more. Amazing accomplishment for us! Anyways, we have been trying since 2004 are thrilled that we got pregnant!

13dpo = 130 progesterone 45 (high numbers from what I read)
15dpo = 224

So, as you can see they did NOT double within 48 hrs. More like 60, I know people say as long as it doubles within 72 you "should" be okay. My RE was fine with the number, she said they look for an increase of 60% and mine was 72%. She was so fine that she didn't even schedule another beta, but instead an u/s for 2/12/09.

I think I am in need of some reassurance. Can I go off the 60% rule, is anything less than 72 hours okay? I think hearing from another RE would put my mind at ease until the 12th. We worked so hard to get here, and I really want to enjoy it.

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Robert Greene, MD
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Dear Tiffany,
Congratulations! Sounds like all is going real well for you. You should continue to be pleased and optimistic. This issue of the "doubling" has gone from being a scientific average intended to be a loose guide to a misguided legend among patients. Biology does not follow the laws of mathematics. The "average" is a doublins which means that oftentimes it will more than double and other times it will rise by less. I fully agree with your doctor that a 60% or greater rise is cause for celebration. That said, I always encourage cautious optimism until you're able to see cardiac activity on the ultrasound; at which time the miscarriage rate drops below 15%.
Best thoughts,
So, I am DONE worrying and researching. It is what it is, my research is not going to help lil' pumpkin, but instead my stress may harm him. I trust my RE, she got me here. If I don't trust her, what am I paying her the big bucks for? She is fine with it, and I am fine with it. LP grew so fast in the beginning that now, he slowed down a bit, and that is okay.

I also couldn't resist sharing a comment I got on my last post from Stacy G. "Please, please don't worry. You're doing great. At your stage, my doubling time was exactly 59 hours as well, so I just had to write a comment. I, too, was overcome with worry, spending a good portion of the work day calculating and recalculating the numbers. Not so long after that we saw our baby's first heartbeat, and I am now 35 weeks pregnant with a very healthy baby boy. It is all going to be great - you are right on target! As my husband said to me at the time, there is nothing wrong with being somewhere in the "middle" of the good range. It's not a beta contest!!"

I am pregnant and I am going to enjoy it! All I can do is hope, pray, and encourage my little one. Please pray for LP, he/she is so loved and so wanted.


Jessica said...

I've been TTC since 2005 and let me tell you, you're an inspiration to me. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

Mimi said...

I just want to squeeze you!!! I am so excited for you. You deserve this so much! You are pregnant!!!!! YAY!!!


Flower said...

Relax, Relate, and Release. Enjoy this pregnancy. You so deserve this right now. (((HUGS)))

Drea said...

Just enjoy your time Tiff. i can only imagine how you feel but like I have always told you, you and Gabe are the most deserving people. To get to this point is simply and a time for celebration and of course...very little stress. We love you so much...we can't wait till you tell us you saw the heartbeat.

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

thats right, you ARE PREGNANT!

enjoy every second of every day. this is what youve been waiting for!