My check went fine. I am moving slower than the last two IVF's and my RE is happy with that. In prior cycles I only stimmed sever days (average is 10 - 11), so we are hoping to stim slower for better quality eggs. My lining was at 5 and I had about 18 follies around and under 10. So, I have a ways to go. This means more appointments, but hopefully a better outcome. I go back again on Friday, with Ganarellix in hand.


Polly Gamwich said...

Good news!

Do you know your E2 level? What dose of Follistim/Gonal-F do they have you on?

Anything different about this time which would cause the slower stim?

Sorry for all the questions ... just always love hearing this stuff.

Glad things are going well!!! YAY!!

Erin said...

Slow and steady wins the race.

Are you on the EPP by any chance? If so, longer stim process is typical.

Good luck!

P.S. Thanks for checking in so frequently. I know you care.

Mimi said...

I am so excited for you!!!! This may seem slow but your transfer is going to be here before you know it!!!! Good luck sweetie!

I sent you and email too!!!


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

slow sounds great!! good luck on friday!