Chugging Along

The last two nights of stims have gone off without a hitch. Ol' hat to us at this point. I can say that I can definitely feel something going on already. I sure hope I don't overstim like I did with #1. I don't recall feeling much with #2 this early. My first check is on the 7th.


Mimi said...

I am so excited for you. I am so bad at waiting for my IVF. I feel so impatient. I am hoping with the donations I got, that I can start in March. Our babies won't be to far behind eachother!! TWW is a site full of every single thing you could possibly need to know about fertility, infertility.. etc. The website is www.twoweekwait.com You should check it out. If you do and are interested, I can get you over to my group of ladies. They are amazing and so supportive. There are three getting ready to go through their IVF. Two are right around where you are. Good luck sweetie!!!


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

gatorade, huh? i remember reading something about that in your blog before. when do you suggest starting that? once i start stims?

good luck with your check. i hope you have just the right amount.

Drea said...

Yay. Good Luck.

Drea said...

Yay. Good Luck.