Moving Along

Another great appointment! I am right on track, my lining was 8.5 and I now have 20 follies ranging from 10 mm to 14mm. I will start my Ganarellix tonight and go back again on Sunday for another check. So far it looks like the ER will be on Wednesday, which means 10 days of stimming! Better than my 7's and 8's in the past! Sure hope that extra stimming does the trick, along with my double trigger shot of lupron and HCG.

We decided to add Assisted Hatching this time, not because we need it, but just because we felt like spending an additional $600. Just kidding, we were told we don't "need it" but it won't hurt, it could only help. Since this may be our last go at this, lets give it our all! So we WILL be doing ICSI and AH, neither because we NEED it, but just because it should give us a better chance. Come on lucky #3, stay away empty follies!

I promise I will start to devote some more attention to this blog, I have been so busy lately. I really got to post some new pictures of Mr. Memphis. Those boys are too cute, and always manage to bring a smile to my face even when I am up at 4 a.m. for a Memphis potty break. Oh, on Sunday night he slept ALL NIGHT, Yahoo! Making progress and almost fully potty trained. Now if he would just stop growing I would be happy. Last weekend he weighed in at 12.3 pounds.


Angelwingsbaby said...

I have been wondering where you have been, glad things are going good and are on track for you.God bless!

Ryan and Stuart said...

Great report from the Dr's! Although the AH is more expensive, it will be worth it! Way to Tiff!!!!

Mimi said...

You are doing awesome honey!!!! I am so excited for you!! I hope I have a report like yours when it is my turn!


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

yay to another great appointment!!

i think its great that youre doing everything you can to better your chances. my hubbies lucky number is 3. ill send some of those vibes west to you!!