A Little Show and Tell

My precious babies, taking a much needed nap the day before my ET, wait I was the one that should have been resting, but of course me being me, I wasn't. I was racing around trying to get things ready so that I could rest the next few days. Laundry, grocery shopping, meal planning, cleaning, baths for the pups, bills, etc. etc. etc.

Mr. Memphis showing off his big boy paws.

I love this picture, he is getting SO big.
What a cutie

My boys are SO cute!
I am very, very done with pineapple. I know, I know that it is supposed to make a huge difference, but I am so done with it.
Yesterday, I made a smoothie. My 1/5 of pineapple with core, a banana, a few spoonfuls or organic plain yogurt, OJ, and ice. It made the pineapple very bearable. Today I will eat it over the plain yogurt, then I will be officially done with my 5 days of pineapple.


Flying Monkeys said...

I'd be afraid it would taint my love of pineapple to eat it that much. Whatever works. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

You are so funny! I have had the same relationship with pineapple!

twondra said...

Love the pictures!!!

I didn't like the pineapple at all so I feel for you.

Anna said...

LOL... pineapple by itself is really not that bad :o)
In any event, I don't really know how much pineapple should be consumed or over what period of time--obviously, it hasn't worked for me hihi...(but I'll continue eating it).

Wishing you all the best,
stay rested

Flower said...

Cute pics and thanks for reminding me to eat pineapples after my transfer in March. I have to say, though, I love pineapples....well..I guess for now...ask me about it after March....LOL...I'm praying for a good turnout for you....and looking forward to your updates

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

that smoothie sounds delicious. i will have to try it..