I am up and about on a Sunday morning getting ready to leave for my follie check, but my heart is aching. This time not just from my own sadness, but from the sadness of those whom I hold close to me heart, those whom know me and my struggle, and those that give me strength when I am weak. It amazes me how truly saddened I am by their news, and how much it is truly affecting my emotions this morning. Erin and Polly, my heart is a aching for you both. WTF? This is not fair and it plain ol' sucks. I pray for a miracle for Polly and her embryo and I pray for strength for Erin to get through a dark time. We know what it is like to feel disappointment, can't we just catch a break?


Mimi said...

I totally understand. Erin and Polly. I do not know what is happening but know, I am praying for your well being.


Mimi said...

Tiffany, You are so sweet for thinking of someone else while you are going through this journey. WHat a wonderful woman you are. Good luck on your follie count today and I can't wait to hear how it is going.


Erin said...

Thank you, friend.

Along a journey where so much has been lost, I take comfort in having found you.

There are still some caring, selfless people in this world, an you rank highly among them. You many my world a bit easier to face.

I am wishing with all my heart and soul that there is a miracle waiting for you at the end of this journey.

Love and Many Thanks,
Erin :)