Our Dozen

You read right, we still have one dozen. We have been moved to our first ever five day transfer (5dt). As of this morning all embryos were still alive, some growing slower than others, and one out shinning the rest.

1 - 9 cell
8 - 8 cell
1 - 7 cell
2 - 4 cell

Today the average embryo should be 8 cells. We go in Monday at 10 a.m. for transfer, and will be sure to stop at Mickey D's for my Egg McMuffin (many say that the grease helps the embryos implant).

Funny, Monday will be Martin Luther King Day. IVF #1 we transferred on St. Patty's Day, and our FET we transferred on Labor Day.

Off to buy my pineapple!

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Mimi said...

Good luck honey!!! How wonderful!!! I hope to have a report like that!!! I am so excited for you!!!