Our Snow Bubs

So here is a run down:

16 eggs
13 mature and ICSIed
12 fertilized
10 made it to blast
2 transferred
5 frozen

Just got off the phone with the embryologist, yesterday we froze 5 and were watching 5 more. Three more made it to blast stage today, but the quality was not good enough for freezing. He was impressed that 10 or our 12 embryos made it to blast stage, and was confident in the two we chose to transfer. I am fine with that, 5 snow babies is GREAT!

I am at home resting today living off pineapple. I will go back to work tomorrow. Please please please please please implant little ones. Huge huge hugs to Polly, my heart is breaking for you. If you have a chance please visit Polly's blog and give her some support. http://in2mesee.blogspot.com/

I am NOT savvy on the layout of the site, but it seems for some reason all my blogs I follow are not showing up, and when I go to that area on the layout it says there is an error. I will be LOST without that and updates from all of you. Any ideas?


A n T said...

This is great news! I know you are floating on cloud nine! Such an amazing turn around!

twondra said...

That's awesome that you had 5!!!

I'm not sure about the blogs...I hope you get it fixed!!

Anna said...

Wonderful cycle... so glad you have 5 blastocysts freezing.
Wishing you well and praying for a positive pregnacy and baby.

Best wishes,