Maybe I am just not meant to be a Mother. Would I be content living my life without ever having children?

Oh, and thank you all for your wonderful comments. They helped get me through the evening. Yesterday DH and I spent a day together. A day healing and talking and planning. We didn't get very far and we still haven't heard back from the doctor, but it was nice to spend the day in San Francisco with my husband trying to re-coop.

Going forward DH requested that we not be so public about our journey. He had a hard time telling people that once again it didn't take. I don't blame him, it is hard, it is hard to explain and answer questions that we have no answers to. I really enjoy sharing our journey with you women that understand and can comfort me, but because family and friends read this blog as well, I may not be as open as in the past. We will see, maybe DH will change his mind.

I am at a loss, not sure where, when, how, or if we will move forward. We were told we could start another cycle as soon as today, but beings that I am out of vacation and sick time, we opted not to, nor do I know how much this cycle costed us and if we even have enough to pay for it.

Maybe December? Maybe January? Maybe next year? Maybe never?

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Hoping for our own Peanut said...

tiffany-you ARE meant to be a mother! dont think any different!

i feel for your hubby. we told a lot of ppl the first time and it hurt so bad to tell everyone bad news. we kept our second iui a secret and are thankful we did. its nice to have everyones concerns and prayers, but it no fun dealing with extra disappointment.

if you ever want to talk in a more private setting, my email is terobertson18@aol.com.