The Holidays

The following post from a couple of blogs really hit home for me this morning. They seem to take the thoughts right out of my head. Not sure how I will manage this year, jumping into a November cycle would have helped, or a even a December cycle, but financially not sure if that is feasible.



Angelwingsbaby said...

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner.I too have a meeting this week me and DH are going tomorrow.I am not sure what to tell you about your DH not being on board with it.What are his concerns? Try it from that angle.If there is anything at all that I can answer for you I would be more than willing.If you ever want to talk about things on the phone I can email you my phone number.We are still doing the embryo adoption but also are looking into the other again as we want to build our family anyway possible.We both want a large family so if it is though a few different ways than I guess it has to be that way.Besides you never know which if any are going to work I see it as opening more than one opportunity at a time.I have to say he may have realistic concerns and it is something that you have to go into with you eyes WIDE open or it can get bad as you may have read in my post.I feel more prepared this time around and also as sad as it sounds it's not as easy for me to get attached.Once you have been there you prepare yourself.Don't get me wrong you can certainly if the occasion arises build your family through this route though infants are more rare to be put up for adoption than older children, lets say 2-3 years on up are more common.There are several infant placements but the parents work the hardest to get them back as sad as it sounds and not as hard for older childern,especially much older like 5,6,7 yrs on up to teens.The last category of children are the most common for adoption.But getting a infant is not impossible.I tried to too look at it as getting good practice and lots of parenting experience even if they didn't stay, small comfort I know but I am way comfortable with kids and babies now.I am here for you if you need me in anyway.I am not able to email through the blog though my computer is not set up for it.I use yahoo.So if you want my email or number let me know.Take care, Megan

twondra said...

So glad this helped you. Hope it helps others. (((HUGS)))