Shot #1 DOWN for IVF #2

Shot #1 down, it was old hat, we are pro's. No problems and the DH made it home in time to give it to me.

You wouldn't believe the pile of drugs in our kitchen. I will have to take a pic. Things are moving right along with the shots and the knee.

Happy Birthday Serena Hope!!!! We love you!!!!


Miss Conception said...

Good luck on your upcoming FET. It's such a weird process, isn't it? I was just thinking last night that my counter top looks more like a pharmacy than a place to assemble food. ;)

Ryan and Stuart said...

Tiff -
Checking in on you! I am SOOOO excited to hear you have your first shot "under your belt" (so to speak lol). I am going to be checking in on you daily and seding you tons, and tons of baby dust! I think it's wonderful that Annie was able to pass along her meds. Our group is amazing.
Hugs to you - Lizzy