So, it was the love of my life's B-day (actually both loves... it was my Furbaby Phoenix's B-Day as well). We went to the Raider's game to celebrate, I LOVED it. Who knew that tailgating was so fun. Somehow I dislocated my knee cap and then popped it back in.

Yes, yes some beer was involved, but honestly I never fell or did anything that could have caused this much pain. I do recall doing a little slide type slip in the bathroom. The floors were wet and I had flip flops on, my knee did a little pop, but at the time it didn't seem like a big deal. Well it turns out that it was. The doctor said that because of the dislocation I now have fluid and blood built up below my knee cap. That's just dandy. Super duper dandy. IT HURTS LIKE HECK. I am in a brace and on crutches. I just hope it gets better soon with no permanent damage. The doctor told me to stay out of work and off it for three days, which is not going to happen. With upcoming appointments I can't miss anymore work.

Yesterday, I had my baseline ultrasound. Had a small scare at the gas station in American Canyon when my car wouldn't start. I called my Mom to swap me cars and leave her with the broken one (hahaha), but come to think of it I should have called my Heather. None the less after a jump from a nice stranger... the car started up and Mom was called off. Conflict avoided! We were only about 4 minutes late and that was probably due to my hobbling slow self making my way to the appointment. The appointment was PERFECT, all was good and the BCP's are doing what they are supposed to. I picked up my truck load of medicine and needles at the pharmacy, and I start Lupron tonight. Gabe will be at band practice so I hope I can remember how to do it on my own.

Ohhhh... and Baby Rian is at home. Yiiippeee for Rian. Our prayers paid off. Smooches to little guy. I can't wait to see him in November.

Moving right along.

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Mama Tina said...

You mean I wasn't the original cause of the hurt knee???? I was to sad for you and felt guilty to ask if when you had to get on the floor ...under the bed to find the phone to answer my call Sunday night might have been when you hurt it. I guess not....now i only feel bad because you are in pain.

As I said in my text message yesterday ....I am so happy that you and my baby boy can go forward towards the ultimate dream or more than likely dreams....:) which would mean me moving back to Napa!!! One little two little three little indians four little five little OMG I am stopping right there!!! Hope the shots don't hurt too much. But I am sure you my baby girl are saying to your self....it's worth it!!!

Take care of that knee and i will talk to you soon I am sure!!!

Love you more...