What Did We Do Before the Internet? (The Internet is NOT just for porn!)

So, I decided to buy my Gonal-F online from a complete stranger online, now before you go getting all crazy on me and pass judgement just hear me out.

See, fertility drugs are VERY expensive. IVF is VERY expensive and many times after an IVF cycle you have leftover drugs. There are websites devoted to the sales of these fertility drugs.

I happened across a woman on the internet that works in S.F. that was selling her left over Gonal-F for only $300. I jumped on it, because she had the exact amount I needed and I would be able to meet the woman in person. Sadly, I do trust this women and yes maybe I am too trusting of people. We share a common bond and I honestly don't believe that someone who has been through what I have been through would be out to harm a fellow infertile anymore than she has already hurt.

This was the answer to a lot of financial questions. With a small IVF budget, we really have to figure out how to make it stretch. The woman and I chatted it up and decided we would meet next week for the exchange. I was fine with my choice, others called me too trusting.... but ehhhh in the end it was my choice.

So, a few days ago I decided to post a message to my fellow infertiles on the message boards. This particular post was sent to a group of girls that I have been chatting with almost daily since January during IVF #1. The post went something like this:

"So, you might think I am crazy, but I have decided to buy my Gonal-F from a woman I met online. We don't have much saved for this IVF and it is our last shot for at least a year... so when I was told that my drugs were $1500 I was in shock. We chatted online, the phone, and I am meeting her in PERSON at her work in San Francisco. She is selling the exact amount I need (which are her leftovers) for $300. I know people do it, and I am nervous, but well... honestly.... I just don't feel that someone on the same journey as myself (whom told me all about her journey) would be out to screw someone over and meet in personal for a measly $300. So, I am doing her a favor and she is doing me a huge one. It is sealed, stored properly, and not expired. Am I crazy? My Mom called me "too trusting." My MIL thought it was fine, and well DH is still on the fence, but you see... by doing this it gives us some cushion so I am not so stressed out. Sorry, if you girls think I am wrong, but I do trust this woman. We are both on this crazy journey together."

I love those girls, truly love them all. It is such an amazing feeling to be able to chat with people who have been where you have been and understand what you are going through. Everyone in the group responded all saying that I am not crazy, and they completely understand.

Sweet, sweet Annie went on to post some of the following:

"I would totally trust that woman too...we all share a common bond. I'm so glad that I read your post because I have meds in my fridge as well and I don't want them to go to waste. I would love to give them to you. I will give them to you for FREE. I care about you and I feel like I know you and I want so badly for this to happen for you. I would love for my meds to go to YOU. I'll understand if you already made a promise to this woman, but know that mine are here if you want. Hugs, I want to make this journey a little less stressful, put the $300 towards maternity clothes."

Ahhhhh.... Annie as I have told you a few times.... YOU ROCK! You are such a sweetheart. I agreed to take Annie up on her offer even though I feel like a Moocher. It just makes me feel so much more comfortable taking the meds from her rather than the other woman (whom I am sure is perfectly fine.) I know I don't personally know Annie, but it feels like I do, and I KNOW that I trust her.

I was able to breathe a large sigh of relief that night. My worries about my meds from the online stranger were over. I was getting my meds from a womderful FRIEND! I also want to mention that three other women from the group offered up their leftovers to me as well.

Thanks Annie, millions and millions of times over.


Polly Gamwich said...

it IS as if we know each other ... heck, people date and get married from online relationships ALL THE TIME!

I'm evening thinking of staying with a fellow infertile when I head to CCRM in a few weeks ... and I've never met her!! AHHH!!!

Amber said...

That is so great - isn't it amazing to see the kindness and generosity in people? I was given $5,000 worth of IVF meds from a girl who I've never met in person. She just *gave* them to me. And her kindness has helped me to a great IVF cycle and hopefully a baby in 9 months. I'm so glad to hear you experienced the generosity of the internet too.

Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

I have tons of leftover drugs. I am hoping not to have to use them again, but thought I should hold on to them just in case FET doesnt work. But I would be nervous to SELL them, in case someone wanted to sue ME if they got OHSS or something from the drugs I sold them. Its such a stupid world that we live in, all of the crazies have ruined it for the rest of us. I think it was fine that you were going to buy the drugs from that woman....you are right, no one who has gone through IVF would try any funny stuff with the drugs. Glad that you ended up getting them for free, though!!