Trying to Stay Occupied

So... I am doing what I can to keep my mind from wondering and take it easy as possible.

I went to work today which helped a lot. Then tonight I came home all alone and thought I would make the best of it. I made my favorite tacos (delicious) and sat down and enjoyed a movie, not getting up even once. I watched Then She Found Me with Helen Hunt and Bette Midler. When I rented it I had NO IDEA it had anything to do with TTC or the woman's desire to have a child. Frankly, I was sort of trying to avoid movies about babies or pregnancies. But it really hit home, it touched my heart and while I don't want to ruin the ending lets just say that somehow things do work out no matter how bumpy the road is.

My favorite quote from the movie went something like this... "I want a baby, I can't explain it... it is like being hungry or having to pee." True so true.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there!
You two have been in our thoughts and prayers............I know you get some news today and I am scarred too ask George. I want so badly for it to be good news. I wish I had a magic wand & just the right words for you
We love you