I Have Always Heard the Drugs Were Expensive....

The bills are already coming in. So, I got a call from Walgreen's today saying that my prescription list was faxed in. She wanted to know when I would be picking it up. I told her I had an appt. on the 29th and I would pick it up then, but out of curiosity I asked her the price. She ran it through insurance and called me back. It went something like this...

Lupron - Covered by you insurance
Menopur - Covered by your insurance
Progesterone - Covered by your insurance
Doxycyclin - Covered by your insurance
Valuim - Covered by you insurance
Novarel - Not Covered - $61.99 (Funny since last time it WAS covered FULLY, huh?)
Gonal-F - Partially Covered - $2,484, but with insurance ONLY $1,512

What? No, what? I knew meds were expensive, but in the back of my mind I thought that they would be covered or I would be on such a low dose the price wouldn't be too bad. Ugh.

So, of course being me, I just HAD to explore and BE SURE THIS WAS THE BEST PRICE. So, since there is no pricegrabber.com for fertility meds I went to some sites that I book marked long ago. I found a site called Freedom Pharmacy and it turns out that the Novarel is $51.99 and the Gonal-F is $1,434 and those are cash prices.

So, I called Stanford and had the two prescriptions faxed to Freedom, now we cross our fingers that the total comes to about $1,000. We can handle that, but I guess even if we pay the cash prices, it is still less expensive than Walgreen's. Ugh, if money was no object this process would be much simpler.

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Polly Gamwich said...

Tiffany, I'm sorry ... did you try Schraft's? I've heard they can sport a good deal.

Looking forward to a successful cycle for you!