Transfer Complete... Now We Wait

I was a nervous wreck this morning, but things turned out well. All five had survived! The RE suggested we transfer just two, but we have done just two and we all know how that turned out. So we opted to transfer four. We transferred three 8 celled, and one 7 cell. The lone embie was only a three cell, which was not very promising. We are happy with the outcome. Now we wait.


anna said...

Very hopeful for a positive outcome.
Saying a prayer that at least one will stick around in the warmth and comfort of mommy's tummy.

Wishing, hoping, and praying for the very best.
God Bless & good health

twondra said...

I'll be thinking and praying for you...thanks for the update.

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

yay for all 5 hangin' around! is the wait 2 weeks like for an iui??

Tiffany said...

Not quite as long. I only have to wait 11 days. Ugh.. nervous for it already.

Polly Gamwich said...

11 days is still a long time! I so pray this is it for you!!

Suzanne said...

That's great news!!!

If you have any early HPT updates, you better share!!! :)