Our Future Babysitter?

Ozzy: Don't worry baby, Uncle Ozzy will take good care of you.

Ozzy: Bath time.

Ozzy: Nap time.

Ozzy: Get away Phoenix, you are just a dog and I am in charge.

Ozzy: Safe and sound.

Phoenix: I can help too!
Oz: Don't think so.

Phoenix: Hey Oz, I got diaper duty.

Phoenix: What?  I can do it, I swear.

Serena: Thank you for taking such good care of my babies Ozzy.

Phoenix: Hey what about me?
Serena: You too Phoenix.

Ozzy: I even do laundry!
Mommy: You're hired!


Tara said...

how precious!!!!! Good luck with the 2ww. It's miserable.

And, yes, from Show and Tell - that was before we moved in :) Our garage is full of stuff now - and kitties :) hahaha

twondra said...

Soooo cute! :) Future baby-sitter indeed.

Christina said...

Very cute! The will be wonderful fur-siblings.