Can We Just Bottle These Days Up?

Lets just bottle up these days. These days when something goes right and we are hopeful. Lets bottle them up and hand them out when needed. Praying for my five little embies tonight and hoping they stay strong.


Suzanne said...

I'll take a 6-pack, please!

Erin said...

I'll take one, too!
Sending positive vibes to the fab five.


Anonymous said...

5 is good enough!! Better than 1, and WAAAAYY better than none, which happens to some women. And you may still have some frosties,you never know. That stinks about your ovaries not producing eggs, I would be so mad to have the discomfort of so many follies that were not actually contributing to the goal. Let's hope your five little ones hang in for the transfer and get comfy this time, and then you won't need the frosties!