Thoughts of a Working Mother

You cried the first time I left you, instinct told me why.
I wanted to take you home with me, but instead I wiped your eyes.
"I have to go to work now. I'll be back for you tonight."
To my tearful little angel those words must seem like spite.

You're gone so many hours and my desk is piled high,
I wish that I could see you and be there when you cry.
By now you must be playing, by noon you'll take a nap.
When lunchtime comes I'm praying that I could hold you in my lap.

If I could only see you, to watch you when you play,
I need to know you're happy and safe throughout the day.
I miss so many moments when you're away from me.
Like the crayons on your paper making picures for memory.

The day will soon be over and I'll be coming back to you.
I won't be at my best then 'cause most the day is through.
I know you'll be excited and thrilled that I've returned.
But can you ever comprehend how much for you I've yearned?

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