Prayers Needed

My Husband's Niece has been married for a few years now, they wanted children right away. They have been trying for some time, and without any medical intervention she was blessed with a pregnancy and in fact is due the same day as me. We were so excited sharing stories, texts, and plans of taking exercise classes together or going on outings with our children. We were thrilled for her!

Everything seemed to be going fine until yesterday when she went in for her first appointment. She would have been 9w4d, the baby was measuring 9 weeks, which is fine, however after calling in two doctors they were unable to find the heartbeat.

We talked at length yesterday as I tried to give her hope since the baby was measuring okay, but today I learned she is also spotting. While this isn't really my story to share I was hoping you all could take a minute and say a little prayer for her, whether it be for the baby or for her strength. She will go in again on Friday and we pray things look up, she is preparing herself for her worst fear.

My heart aches for her as I recall these rollercoaster rides all too well. Gabe and I both agreed that we feel so guilty for all we have and we ache for her, I would NEVER want even my worst enemy to have to go on one of these rides. My heart is just breaking for her and her Husband.

In news of us, the boys got haircuts and they turned out great. They look like big boys! As for me, I am starting to feel pretty crummy. The sickies are setting in, but all so worth it. I now live on english muffins with strawberry jam, strawberry frosted mini wheats, hawaiian punch, nectarines, cherries, and cherry yogurt.

No heartbeat for baby at 10 week appointment. Mommy and Daddy are crushed, but hope to try again soon. They are giving her drugs to try to avoid a D&C. Please pray for their strength through this time.


BB said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for your husband's niece!

twondra said...

Oh wow. I'm sorry for your husband's niece. How devastating. Please keep us posted

::rae:: said...

OH WOW. I just stumbled upon your blog you have been blessed and will definately keep your husband's niece in my prayers! God Bless.