Just 200 days to go, my oh my this time is speeding by. This pregnancy is SO different than the last. This time I am almost too busy to think about it. Sometimes 1/2 a day will go by and then... baby will pop into my head. Sounds silly huh? With the boys they were ALWAYS at the front of my thoughts, and now this time many things take the front burner. BUT when the babe does get a chance to pop to the front it sure makes me smile. Sometimes it makes me nervous as I question how I am going to be the Mom to three kids, where the boys will go when I go into labor, where the boys will go during doctor appointments, who will help watch them while we are in the hospital with the new baby, when/if I will go back to work, will baby be healthy and full term, how will the boys react to the baby, and CAN WE REALLY DO THIS?

Thankfully I have 200 days to smile, plan, and worry. Actually after talking with the doc last week, looks like maybe only 193. If we go with the planned c-section baby will come at 39 weeks, August 26th.

Happy Valentine's Day all! I was blessed to be able to wish the THREE men in my life Happy Valentine's this morning. Wednesday is out NT scan and consult with the specialist where we will learn more about when/if the cerclage will be placed, and of course get a nice long 45 minute peek at baby #3.


Brenda said...

What a nice Valentine's Day post! Hope that the NT scan goes really well!

MamaTina said...

Planned C-Section gives your MIL time to get there and help out with the boys and of course love on the newest member :)

Happy Valentines day to all of you!!!



JackieMac said...

Girl I did not know you were pregnant again - Congrats!!!