The 13 Week Belly

The GIANT 13 week belly! At this rate I am afraid of how big this belly is going to get.

I am getting VERY anxious to find out the sex of this baby, I cannot wait to buy something for this little one. I did recently buy a case of diapers, but so far that is it. We are also having a lot of discussions about what happens after this little one comes regarding preventing another pregnancy. We both feel that three children is exactly what we want so we have been discussing possibly tying my tubes after the c-section. If not that, what else is slightly permanent and VERY reliable? Wow, I NEVER thought I would be thinking about birth control options.


Anonymous said...

Allan got "snipped." He said since I had to go through labor and delivery he would do this. Maybe Gabe would do that! Maybe that was TMI for info about you Uncle. LOL

Aunt Theresa

Mindy said...

They have this new procedure called "Essure". It's done in-office, takes less than 15 minutes, non-surgical, and you can resume your activities the next day. My mom had it done for other medical reasons and found it great! Also no hormones. Here's the website:


Courtney said...

I'm having the same questions, except between (or hopefully between) kids. I have one 9 1/2 month old and about 40 pounds to lose (from IF, not from her). I am not in a place to get PG yet, but after 3 years of trying am I a knucklehead to think about trying to prevent it? I'll be curious to see what you guys go with. I can certainly empathize with your situation!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I can relate. It took us years to conceive our first and then when he was 8 months old... Surprise!! Now I am worried about getting pregnant again. It really is a strange place to be after all we went through.