The Run Down

So yesterday was a big day. Our NT scan was not until 11:30 so DH and I were able to take our precious pair out to breakfast where we sat in a booth with boys in booster seats, one next to each of us while they munched on eggs, pancakes, bananas, and juice. We had a delicious breakfast then dropped the pair off at the sitter and made our way to the city. Parking was insane, which included one garage my Tahoe would not fit in ($22 parking BTW) and then another where the spots were so small I had to get out of the car before DH parked and also help him work his way into the spot. We arrived with 2 minutes to spare after a pretty long walk in some cold weather (well eh cold for us.)

The NT scan went great, little one was bouncing all over the place and cooperated right away, which was good because my bladder was full, but sad because the scan didn't last all too long. Babe was measuring exactly 12 weeks, which was two days ahead. Tech did lots of cervix measurements, which were all great. Tech caught the NT measurement right away which was a 1.3, which is GREAT! I guess based on my age and that measurement they are hugely sure things are fine with babe, but of course they have to take the blood work into account too. Here is a pic of babe, he/she gave WAY better profile shots, but the Tech wasn't there for a photo shoot like I was so I only got the shot he used to get the NT measurement.

After the NT scan and a meeting with a counselor to review the results and get a lab slip we were off down the street to the lab. By this time is was 12:15, we waited one hour to get my blood drawn, which took all of 90 seconds when I finally got in there. Then it was 1:15, we had planned to have a somewhat nice meal together, which turned into some carboard from the cafeteria in the hospital, wow I took for granted how good the food is at the cafeteria in our hospital, because this stuff was BAD. We scarfed down our food and made our way to L&D where I was to meet with the specialist because he was on call. We were placed in an actual L&D room, yes WEIRD. My appointment was at 2, the doctor finally made his way into the room at 2:30. The look on Gabe's face was priceless, his jaw just dropped. Lets just saw the doctor is clearly experienced as in maybe 50 years experienced. Yes.. okay I will just say it, he is VERY old. I mean VERY, my guess 80. Okay maybe not 80, but close. All in all he knows his stuff, we went over my WHOLE history he examined my cervix and then he asked me what I wanted before he told me what he thought. I told him I wanted the cerclage, that I feared something would happen at a point too late to place one and that we would have a pre-term baby or worse, I also told him I feared for weeks and weeks of bedrest like last time. He went on to tell me that I most likely DO in fact have an incompetent cervix, but also felt that I could possible be okay without the cerclage on a singelton pregnancy because a twin pregnancy is MUCH different, but the only way to know for sure is to TRY. He said he would give me an 80% chance of things being okay and delivering a healthy baby without the cerclage. All that being said he thought doing it made complete sense instead of taking the chance, and in essance pretty much left the decision up to me. He said we could watch closely and take action if needed or be pro-active and act now. My decison... PRO-ACTIVE. Surgery is set for tomorrow! I am not comfy with an 80% chance of a heatlthy baby, I know the cerclage worked for me last time and I have every reason to believe that it helped me bring Noah and Aaden to term as do I feel it should bring this baby to term as well.

So, tomorrow is a go we/I will go to the city in the A.M. I still am not 100% sure DH will be able to make it as he missed work all day yesterday. So I am still a bit foggy on all the details, but uh I will sort of need a ride home, so hoping it all works out as I am not sure who else would be able to come spend a day with me in the city. I was supposed to work tomorrow so childcare is in-line for the day, with my cousin picking the boys up at 5 in case we are not back in time.

Now onto the news I was not expecting... BEDREST. Yup and not just light activity, but FOUR DAYS OF STRICT NO SITTING NO NADA BEDREST. Thankfully Monday is a holiday so the DH will get to take on all my duties Friday - Monday. Tuesday I plan to some how get the boys to the sitter and I will have a full day in bed all alone. After that I am to remain on light activity for two weeks to let the cervix heal.

Why so fast on the surgery you ask? Main reason, for the safety of the baby, the earlier this is done the safer it is for the baby as it is smaller and less disturbed at this point. Another reason is that months ago I commited to working full time for two weeks while a co-worker is in Hawaii. So, this will allow me to rest up next week and then I will be able to still cover for her the first two weeks in March.

How do I feel about bedrest? NOT GOOD! Every once in awhile my bedrest days will pop in my head and I will think "ahhh how nice it would feel to spend a day on bedrest." Now that is is actually here... BOOOOO!!! I am stressing hardcore. I have today only to get stuff at work in order to miss a week, and I have today only to get stuff at home in order to be able to ignore my house and depend only on Gabe for five days. I am NOT one to rely on other people, I like things done my way and done right away, those around me know this all too well. My cousin teases me about this ALL the time. Yes, I am slightly over the top, with how things get done and where things go, but I have gotten better. So, letting it go especially things with the kids is HARD for me. I feel horrible for my poor husband as this weekend I am down for the count, the thought of what my house will look like by Tuesday already scares me. The thought of someone else packing diaper bags, cleaning up after the kids, getting the kids to bed with the correct diapers on, giving them a bath, and putting away my laundry... ugh! Okay, I am done. It will be fine, it will be totally fine. The boys will be fine, I will still be able to cuddle them while laying down and I will still be able to bark orders (again sorry Gabe!) I owe my husband BIG TIME after this as caring for those little guys and the house is no easy task.

Upside to bedrest is the new scrapbook program I started using. I went to a scrapbook night with some women and was introduced to a new program which is A-MAZING! It is called Heritage Makers, the Mom's meet once a month (sometimes more) and share snacks, projects, and get some kidless time to scrap. I have already done two pages and so far am thrilled with it, it is WAY more in depth then Scrapblog that I had been previously used. So I have December and January and a small amount of February that I will get to scrap this next week, wow had I only had this hobby while on bedrest last time I would have years done. For now I am proud to say that I have FULLY scraped September 2009 - November 2010. Loving online scrapbooking!

Please please please keep baby and I in your thoughts and prayers as yes this surgery is not without risk to us both, we were given a 95% chance things would be fine with baby and I, but still some prayers would be greatly welcomed oh and maybe a little prayer for the DH too, hehe. Saturday my cousin and her fam are coming over with dinner and Serena to help play with the boys and then maybe my Mom and Step-dad Sunday so he will have some help, but still I am sure he is not looking forward to this.


Meant to be a mom said...

Ha, I love that the dr. Is so old and how you put it :) Your funny, but thank the lordy for someone who is smart and experienced. I'm so glad that he was so understanding and nice and agreeable as far as the cerclage goes. I think you made the right choice.

I will most definitely keep you and sweet baby in my prayers.

Brenda said...

Lots of prayers and good thoughts for ALL of you over the coming week :D

BB said...

Greats to know that the NT scan went well. I am thinking of you all and hoping everning goes well. You did it the last time... you will do it now! You are one strong Mamma!

twondra said...

Lots of thoughts and prayers for you sweetie! ((HUGS))

Christina said...

I'm glad you went with your heart, and got that done. I hope it went well, thinking of you all!