OB Appointment

Yesterday's appointment went great. So far my cervix looks completely normal. Baby was waving it's arms and legs, it was SO cute. I was blessed to have my Hubs and My Mama by my side for the appointment. I will not go back to the OB for another 6 weeks and won't even have an u/s at that appointment. I am so used to having ultrasounds at my appointments, boo to the lack of u/s on a Singleton pregnancy. Baby's heartbeat was 168 and he/she was wide awake showing off for us. I forgot what an amazing feeling it is to see your little one. And I forgot how much it makes me laugh, which then makes baby move all around on the screen.

We go to University of California San Francisco (UCSF) next week for our NT scan and a consult with an amazing High Risk OB, whom is HIGHLY well known and experienced with cerclages. So, I feel great about switching doctors because we are going to someone whom most would LOVE to see.

We have planned a VACAY! Whooot wooott! I CANNOT wait to escape with my favorite guys on vacation. We are going to San Diego, and this will be the boys first plane ride, we could drive, but the flight is REALLY cheap and 9 hours each way in the car sounds like pure torture, so I will take 1.5 hours of plane instead. Hoping maybe snacks, a movie, and as last resort a lollipop with make for an okay plane ride. We are planning to bring Elianna and will have the row of three for the five of us. We will go to the beach lots and also to Sea World and the zoo. This will be our special trip before the new baby comes, so we are hoping to make it fun for our little guys. When I saw that Sea World has a Sesame Street theme, I knew it was the place for them. And the beach, well that is for the Mama the Mama misses the beach so much. I am a sit in the sun on the beach sipping a tasty beverage kinda vacationer, and I have not had that since April 2008, so this will be a happy medium for us all because I will have my beach.


Krissy said...

Cute little one!! Just a forewarning-- on many airplanes the row of 3 seats only has 4 oxygen masks, so they tend to not let more than 4 sit in a row. You might have to take up 2 rows with 5 people. Just thought I would let you know. Have a great trip!!

Brenda said...

What a little wiggler you have!

I second Krissy's comment. When we have flown with our twins, we always have to break up the rows as their is generally only one extra oxgen mask per row (thus 4 masks/3 seats). We've found it easier to sit across the isle from one another. This lets us see each other easily and pass juice, toys, etc back and forth with ease!