Week 6

We are growing fast
We are extra cute
We love to cuddle
We sleep in our cribs now, which gives everyone a lot more sleep
We take naps with Daddy
We play with Grammy
We make faces
Oh and we're cute
We can hold our heads up well
We saw Daddy's band play
We met Seattle Seahawks player Mike Gibson
We fall asleep on our Brother
We are into our toys
We get dressed in silly warm clothes
We can wear our outfits from Evie & Ryan
We are very alert 
We smile
We pose for the camera
We make cute faces
We smile some more
We love our Mommy
We wear jeans and overalls
We kiss and love our Mommy
And our Mommy loves us
We go out to lunch, and we love our Mommy
We check out our Papa Wayne
We say hello while being baby-sat by Grammy and Papa Wayne
We get double feed


Jen said...

Omg Tiff, that while thing was adorable, they are adorable!

I am so very happy for you!!

Love, Jen (Ornelas)

Anonymous said...

I cried....go figure. Love thoes boys!!! And did we mention how cute they are??
Love you boys,
Love Grammy

A n T said...


Hernandez Clan said...

OMG they are soooo big now! Hehe. Cute pics!

Meant to be a mom said...

Oh my goodness, they are just so absolutely precious.

Kami said...

They are getting so big Tiff!!!! OMGoodness!!! Just adorable!


twondra said...

That was soooooo flipping cute! I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing!!