Things are Brighter

As you can see, things are brighter around our house.  Both boys are doing MUCH better.  However, I have NO idea what helped or what is/was wrong.  It could be:
- The new Gentlease formula (only 1/5 dairy formula) *I discovered yesterday that Wal-Mart makes it in generic.
- The big HUGE poop Noah took
- The more burps we have been giving during feedings (every ounce, that is 5 times a bottle)
- The gas drops given and the pass passed

Whatever it is, it is helping a lot and most of the Noah grunts are completely gone.  So, I have decided to stick with all those things for the next few days and see how it goes.  Since the boys were so happy last night, I decided to have a little photo shoot while Gabe was practicing with his band.  Enjoy, and happy Wednesday!  Today is Wednesday the 21st, that means two months from today will be my first day back at work, dreading leaving the boys already. *Tear, tear*


Mama Tina said...

Oh my...what cute little boys you have there Little Mama... all four of them :)



Christina said...

Aww, they are gorgeous!! So glad everyone is feeling better too. :)

Anonymous said...

Look on the generic can of formula that Wal-Mart makes. If you call them they will send you coupons for $3 off per can. You can have another family member call also and have them get coupons for you also. You can only get one coupon per month and you have to call each month or e-mail them every month but it is worth it.

A n T said...

Cute pics. Glad to hear everyone is feeling better.

Ryan said...

Keep the pictures coming! I could look at pictures of your boys all day long!

Ryan said...

Btw - Nat and I hooked back up on FF. I know you're swamped, but we kinda missed our group and thought we would try to get it going again! It's under PG after-you-know-what and titled "Evies Mom looking for lost FFs." I hope you can pop in, so we can "talk" to you!

Kat the Great said...

They are super cute! I just went back to work this Wednesday, but on a part-time schedule this first week. It was an awesome idea, I would strongly recommend you do the same if you can. Glad the boys are feeling better!

Nathalie said...

So glad to hear they're feeling better. They are too cute...I just love seeing their cute little faces!

Definitely come back to FF, if you have time and find Ryan's post....easier to "chat".

Andrea said...

So freaking cute! I love the pics and am glad to hear the boys are doing well:)