Acid Reflux?

So I talked to the doctor and now I am even more confused than before. She was quick to jump to acid reflux and want to prescribe drugs. My gut just wasn't feeling that yet mainly because he doesn't have a lot of the symptoms of Reflux. Neither of the boys spits up, not to say they NEVER have, or to say that you HAVE to spit up to have reflux, but I just wasn't ready for drugs until I know that is what he/they need. Yup, THEY Aaden is now starting to show some odd symptoms too. Different that Noah, in fact Aaden's seem more Reflux than Noah's. Wet hiccups and burps and fussiness after eating. Noah's are groaning and arching back in pain. So stinking confused!

So since I wasn't quick to jump on the Reflux med wagon we opted for a formula switch up. Even if it is reflux a formula switch up could help. So Noah is now on Enfamil Gentlease and more breastmilk than before (sorry Aaden for taking away some of your breastmilk.) So now we wait and will check back in with the Pediatrician on Thursday, if the switch up didn't help we will be on to reflux meds. Poor Noah (and Mommy) slept horrible last night. Every three to four minutes he would let out a scream, tense up, and arch his back. I finally took him into bed with me for an hour, hoping it would help, but it didn't. My heart broke each time I felt him and his belly muscles tense up. I am noticing some relief while they are upright. Right now he is in a swing and it seems to be helping a tiny tiny bit, just a little (I think that is a sign of reflux). ANY thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and as for the no pooping for four days, she wasn't worried about it. She said some babies just go longer than others and as long as the stool he did have was loose than it is fine. Huummm? Oh and for the first time ever Aaden has now went more than 24 hours without pooping? Ya know... that makes me question a dairy irritation.


Kat the Great said...

We had similar issues and it is milk/soy allergy, pretty common in babies. Try taking the major milk items out of your diet or put them on nutramigen for 24 hours. If they are better on nutramigen, it't the milk. Hope they get better soon!

Christina said...

Abby was a super, super fussy baby. Spit up after every feeding. We switched to a gentle formula, didn't help. Then tried soy, seemed to help a bit. I was mixing BM/formula, then went all to formula. Have you tried gripe water? It really helped Abby. And gas drops? She always slept in a swing or something in the early days.
And I must say, and I tell this to everyone. This thing right here, saved my life. Abby was the worst sleeper, she was noisy, and kept us all awake. And from her spitting up/gas we didn't want to lay her flat. She slept many nights in this thing. We still use the base for their "white noise" in their room. Great investment!


Anonymous said...

We are having similar issues with Alexander. He is not spitting up at all, but has a terrible time with gas. He is always arching his back and grunting. He is also congested and so has been sleeping in his swing since it keeps him upright. We just switched to the Gentlease formula and it seems to be alittle better (we have lactose intolerance issues in our families). He still has some issues with getting the gas out, but hasn't been grunting as much. We thought we would try this before going to the ped and talking about reflux. If it continues, then we'll probably have to look into meds.
Carrie (from FF)

Flying Monkeys said...

Both of my boys had reflux. We used Nutramigen (sp) and elevated the heads of their beds or let them sleep in the bouncey sleep. My oldest was a big spitter, the baby was not but you could hear him swallowing a lot.
I think switching formulas is reasonable before going to meds, you might want to look at your diet too for irritants.
If it is reflux it gets better when they start sitting up more.
Good luck!
They are freakin' cute!!

Jess said...

I don't have the answers you are looking for but I just wanted to say poor babies! It breaks my heart to read about their discomfort! I hope the dr figures it out but I'm guessing mommy is going to figure it out before them...all I can say to you is follow your gut. Hang in there love!


Meant to be a mom said...

I hope the formula switch helps. Poor babies.

Anna Kauz said...

Charlotte had the same kinds of problems. She did really well in a vibrating chair though. And sometimes in the swing. She also loved to **gasp** sleep on her tummy. We were so freaked about it, and would then only let her sleep on her tummy on us, but if next baby wants to be on the tummy then so be it! Once she could turn herself over onto her tummy she slept a lot better and was in a lot less pain. So you can always try it during a nap or something.

I don't have any advice on the formula though :(. Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

I had the same problems with my little guy who was a preemie. He had been on meds in the hospital for reflux but they took him off of them to come home. He was gaining weight and not spitting up a lot. But at night I wanted to cry with him. Finally after a couple of nights I took him back to the doctor and asked for the medicine back. NIGHT AND DAY difference. He slept for 6 hours! Its worth a shot and dont think of it so much as medicine. It is more of a neutralizer and they should grow out of it just fine.

Dave and Elaine said...

"For This Little One We Prayed" (on my blog roll) had a baby who has "silent reflux" I think it was called. He didn't have the symptoms but would cry and cry.