Four Weeks Old

Wow, our babies are four weeks old, how time does fly.  They are awake more and more now.  Noah is a grunter, he has some nights where he grunts all night long.  Speaking of Noah and long nights, he also has some nights that he never ever falls fully asleep.  That makes for a cranky Mommy since I am very light sleeper and hear every noise.  But then he will surprise us and sleep great the next night.  So who knows what is going on.

The diapers, baths, feeding, pumping, laundry, cleaning... yada yada is never ending.  I find myself getting sidetracked and not finishing the things I start.   I also find myself a little jealous of the boys visitors who just get to snuggle and feed and don't have to worry about the laundry,cooking,  dishes, and other things that could be done.  I really wish I could just cuddle them and not think about everything else that should be done.  Most of the time I can put it aside, but with visitors in and out and long term house guests, I really have to keep on top things.  Gabe goes back to work soon, so nights will be all mine, which I am dreading , but it is still very manageable.  Today I have been feeling a little anxious and easily irritated, hoping that it has something to do with the birth control pills or just having a bad day and passes soon.

Our little thugs

A happy little family
Gabe's twin

Game day with Daddy


Meant to be a mom said...

They are just so precious.
I can't believe its already been 4 weeks. Its amazing how fast time passes.

Ryan said...

OMG! Precious!!!! Thank you for posting so many pictures!!!!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Ahh, look at those football outfits! They are adorable!!

You have your hands FULL, Tiffany. Its okay to feel overwhelmed every once in a while. Just remember that the laundry will get done and the house will be cleaned. Your miralces will only be this little for a short time. Enjoy it. :)

Anna Kauz said...

Aww they are adorable! Its a-ok to feel overwhelmed with little babies, I certainly did and I only had 1!! Just by this blog I can tell that you are such a great mom!!

Christina said...

Hang in there Momma! Your doing better than I ever did in the early days...I'm so proud of you! The boys are gorgeous!

Nathalie said...

Oh Tiff...they're just too cute!

Hernandez Clan said...

:) So glad we saw you guys...AND...that side profile pic of Gabe and Rian is hilarious!

Kat the Great said...

Girl, my house is far from spotless and I have one. In fact I do all I can to keep it from turning into a dump and it's a fight. The only thing I manage to do is laundry because that truly has to be done in order to have clothes for the little man. Nothing else is really important and if your visitors are dumb enough to judge you at this point, you probably don't need them in your life. Definitely no cooking! Aren't they supposed to bring food when they are coming over? Sort of like an entrance fee? Stop trying to be a perfect mom, you are just driving yourself crazy, it's impossible, especially once you are on your own. Hope you feel better soon and they are simply adorable!