My Name Is Tiffany and I am a Hypochondriac

Yes, that is me... a hypochondriac. I must be a big giant baby or something. So, I was set to have an OB appt today. I awoke this morning in a horrific amount of pain. Aching and throbbing, the pain was so bad that I was nauseous and throwing up. I had myself believing I was (A) going into pre-term labor or (B) the cerclage was being regected by my body and was infected.

So, I called the OB's office to see if I could get in sooner. Instead they recommeded I go to the Periontologists office out of town. The ride was horrific, I was doubled over in pain and spent the whole ride praying for the boys and thinking I might vomit into a plastic bag at any moment.

We got to the office and the doctor came right in. The boys looked great, the fluid was very good, the heart rates were good, and we even got a couple of cute pictures. Next she measured my cervix, which was still doing well. She even inspected my cervix for an infection. Nope... still just a urinary tract infection, a bad UTI, but all this pain and worry still from a UTI! Come on how can it hurt that bad? She also mentioned that the weight of the boys and the stretching of the uterus is causing some of the aches, but the throbbing pelvic and back pain is from the UTI.

She told us things looked good and we just needed to hold on for at least two more weeks. Which she didn't think would be a problem.

She encouraged me to drink a TON of water, which I have been doing and it feels a little better, but wow am I still in total pain. What a baby and a hypochondriac!


Peta-maree said...

Oh Tiffany, I am feeling for you. You are not a hypacondriact you are just a mum trying to protect her miracle babies. I would have done the same thing as you.


Mama Tina said...

Is that anything like a "hypochondriac"??? lol... I think anyone who has gone through or is going through what you have been through these past few weeks...is entitled to be a bit of a "hypochondriac" :)

Of course with the amount of pain and discomfort you have been in the past few days does not fall under the defination of a "hypochondric".

Hope you feel better soon.

Love ....


twondra said...

Wow. I'm so sorry you're in so much pain. You poor thing. Glad everything is okay with the boys, but wish you felt better.

Love the new look. :)

Fullers1006 said...

I totally understand the UTI Pain! Honestly I had it so bad I was throwing up and crying constantly It was terrible! maybe you need a different antibiotics because I woudl think you would be feeling better not worse! They had to change my antibiotic b/c the first one the bacteria UTI was resistent to it! I will be praying for you! I'm soo sorry you are going through the UTI pain! So glad the boys are ok though!

Christina said...

You are not a hypochondriac, you are a perfectly NORMAL, nervous mommy of multiples. :) Hope you feel better soon, *hugs*

Joy said...

So sorry you are in so much pain. Going to echo what a PP wrote, if the infection is not improving you need to be on a different antibiotic.
Don't be so hard on yourself, a bad infection in the same region of an expanding uterus with two active babies can be very uncomfortable.
Feel better!

Ryan said...

Hey Tiff - so sorry! Just wanted to add, if the pain in your back is really bad, have then check to make sure you don't have a kidney infection. UTI's can easily become kidney infections (I know from experience), and it does hurt. Hang in there!