23 Weeks and an Update (a day early)

We are now one week away from our first goal, and we are going to make it!

Our appointment today was just okay. Not horrible, but not great. My cervix has shortened and I blame myself. I didn't go crazy, but I had been doing little things here and there that I knew I shouldn't. So.... I am now at a little more than a 1.5, but the good news is that she says the cervix looks stable and she has every reason to think we will make it farther. I am crossing fingers that it will lengthen by my next appointment. I would feel much better being at a 2.

It is hard to explain, but while going through infertility I always felt as if I was defective and ashamed that I wasn't normal. Again, I feel defective so much so that I was ashamed to post this appointment update.

Needless to say I am bummed, I didn't want bad news, however I knew that some of the things I did around the house and the couple things I did outside the house were NOT a good idea. So, my light activity is no more. My days now consist of strict bedrest. I am bummed that we can't take our childbirth classes, bummed that I am stressed, bummed that we won't have a 3D ultrasound done, bummed that I won't get maternity photos done, and bummed that all I feel is scared and nervous. I wish that I could wake up tomorrow and be at 28 weeks.

I just need to remember that the doctor knows best, she said "see you in two weeks." She has every reason to believe we will make it another two weeks, so I need to believe too. If she was super worried she wouldn't have sent me home... and I must stress that she said the number is not as important as the fact that the cervix looked stable. She switched up my progesterone, which should help with some of these contractions that I am having. Not a lot... only about three a day.

Now don't go feeling all sorry for my defectiveness, just keep me and the boys in your prayers and rejoice in the fact that we have made it three weeks and that we only have ONE week left to viability.

Okay, since that is all out of the way, lets do some show and tell...

23 Week Belly (a day early)
No, I shouldn't have been out of the house, but it isn't very often that Andrea is in town from Arizona. I will say that I didn't stand much at all and we did bring my lounge chair to the BBQ. Drea rocks, she brought us a huge box of little Rian's clothes along with his Bumbo chair. Thank you so so so much, the four of us thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And I must say you and me have similar taste in little boy clothes, it is hard to explain, but I like boys clothes to look like BOY CLOTHES... no foo foo. Rian's clothes were PERFECT!!! Oh and BTW, my Mom wants to know what kind of detergent you use... she likes the smell. Hehe. Me, Rian, Noah, & Aaden

It isn't very often that we have had a chance to take a picture, so I figured we should take advantage of the photo opp.

Mine's bigger... I WIN!!

My all time favorite outfit for the boys thus far. Does this explain my taste in clothes? *See my bump... it got in the way.* I bought these sweaters and jeans with some of my birthday money and I have to admit that I only paid $22 with shipping for the outfits. Crazy 8, a spin off of Gymboree (but better boy clothes in my opinion) had a $10 off coupon and $5 shipping. I also picked up two more pairs of jeans each for only $6.

Thanks for the morning wake up! Phoenix found his Grammy's (my Mom's) lip stick and took it upon himself to destroy it. What a way to start the morning. You should see the carpet, it is almost as pink as him.

Oh, the ads... the ads are gone. They disabled my account, supposedly from "invalid activity" , invalid or obsessive clicks. Whatever... I was a little ticked at first, but I often wonder if it was because my account was at over $120 and grew so fast. Oh well, I appealed it and still they won't reinstate it. Sort of bummed, that money would have been nice since my diability check is still no where in sight and in fact was just finally submitted yesterday.


Meant to be a mom said...

I'm glad your appt. went ok. I know strict bedrest isn't that great sounding but it will be so worth it. Stay in there guys!
I'll keep praying for you guys. You look beautiful by the way. Your baby bump is absolutey adorable. and so are the clothes. Ah so much fun!

Helene said...

Hi Tiffany,

I hope you don't mind me stopping by your blog but I saw your comment on Tiffany's blog and realized we have somewhat similar stories!! I'm in Northern CA too and we were finally blessed with a set of twins on our 3rd IVF cycle too!! And, believe it or not, we were blessed with another set of twins (completely spontaneously!!) 2 years later.

I can relate to what you've written here in this post. Both of my twin pregnancies were rough and I felt guilty and defective a lot of the time too, like I wasn't doing something right or that I was going to let my babies down somehow.

I'm sorry your appt wasn't more encouraging but you're doing so well. Strict bedrest totally sucks (I've soooo been there too) but you'll be amazed the difference it will make with your contractions and the shortening of your cervix. I know how important a milestone it is when the babies reach viability and then every week after that is a huge celebration!

Keep up the great work! You look amazing!!

Melissa Griffin said...

You are almsot there my dear....just hang on a little longer! You look fantastic and those boys are so lucky!!!
Relax...remember these are the last weeks before it will turn into a mad house...take advantage!

Hernandez Clan said...

I will be thinking of you guys often, especially as time goes on. I want to say that our pic was AMAZING, and I loved seeing you. I told RC I was happy to see you but I to, felt guilty for even asking you to come out. I was EVEN wondering if us havin gyou stand there and chit chat after was to much. So odd the thoughts I think so I can only imagine where your mind wanders to as well.

I am SUPER glad you liked the clothes, I am with you, I like Rian's clothes to make him look lik e a little boy. I have bought some that make him look as though he grew up in arkansas (no offense to anyone from arkansas) but they have cut off sleeves and are just to damn cute. LOL. You will get those soon as well. Hehe.

We love you guys and one more week is all we ask, but I am still hoping for you to reach 28 as well...I know you will.

P.S. We use normal TIDE, with no scent, BUT our fabric softener is Downy Simple Pleasures the Lavendar one. SMELLS SOOO GOOD. TEll your momma hello and tell Phoenix Pink is TOTALLY his color!

twondra said...

Glad the appointment went well! I will definitely keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Love the belly pics. :) too cute!

Can't believe they disabled your account! Man, that would really irritate me! Especially being you were so high....a little suspicious. :(

Joy said...

Sorry about the disappointing visit, will definitely hold you and your boys in prayer. Remember too that the rules will most likely change once you are 30 plus weeks, don't give up on the idea of childbirth classes or photos just plan them for the third trimester.

Ashley said...

Praying for you guys;)

Angelwingsbaby said...

Hang in there bed rest has not been fun for me either so I understand where you are coming from.I ran out of things to do and then the worst thing happened for a few days our internet was down.It was torture.

Jess said...

I'll be praying you make your 1st goal and then praying for your 2nd goal! Bedrest sucks-I'm sorry to hear that (I'm not feeling sorry for you for your defectiveness, lol)! Hopefully you will get better news in two weeks! Praise God-only one week until viability...never thought it was a beautiful word until I became IF.

I love your belly photo and the one of you and your hubby's belly photo...someday my hubbs and I will take a photo like that...he'll win for a while, lol!


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

you are SO close to 24 weeks, but i truly think youll make it wayyy past that!!

those outfits are ADORABLE! i just heard about that store a few days ago..ill have to check it out.

looking great, mama!

Ryan said...

You are doing so well! Just keep those feet up and let everyone else take care of you. :-) You look amazing!!!!