Just Another Week Day

I am bummed and bored. It is getting to me again, no not the house so much this time, but just the things I am missing out on and the lonliness.

Gabe is gone today ALL day and won't be home until at least 8 p.m. tonight. I am sad because I look forward to his days off, and yet today it feels like just another week day. He is at a golf tournament and while the selfish part of me really wants him home, I know that he needs to have some fun.

I have so much I want to do and I want so bad to go shopping. My boys need a preemie going home outfit with a hat and while I know I will end up finding it online and all will be fine it saddens me that I can't go shopping for them. In the beginning I was scared to shop for them, so I didn't... and now I can't.

The boys room looks like a bomb hit it, a co-worker of Gabe's gave us a HUGE amount of baby items including a walker, a large swing, a travel swing, 5 garbage bags full of clothes, and much more. I was able to take some things off our registry after exploring the haul. The clothes are super cute and many things I would have picked out on my own, cowboy pj's, and camo clothes, all very boy like and very cute. We are pretty set on clothes for the boys. We don't have a large amount of matching outfits, but that is okay because the hand me downs will do just fine.

How do most people organize the clothes? I have begun to store away clothes bigger than 3-6 months. It seems confusing and crowded to have too much in the room. So we will have the 0-3 and the 3-6 outfits in the dresser and closet and then when the boys grow out of the 0-3, I will begin to pull in the 6-9 month clothes. Does that sound about right?

Yesterday was a good day, my girlfriend Heather came over and spent the day with me. She even brought me food from my favorite mexican restaurant. It was fun chatting the day away, although the conversation some how got into detail of the unmedicated births of her children and she scared the heck out of me. When Gabe got home we took a VERY quick (I swear I was not up for more than 10 minutes) trip to Ross to get a nightgown and slippers to begin to pack our hospital bag (Mima while I am thinking of it, please don't forget to bring the blue bag with you when you come for the baby shower, I am going to use that as our hospital bag.) No trying on allowed I grabbed a grey knee length nightgown with small pink, black, and white polka dots along with a pair of fuzzy black slippers. I have a soft pink robe already that I plan to bring. What do I need? The camera... toiletries... what else? What do I bring for the boys (even though I know we will have some time to get things together for them.) I was told to bring blankets for them that smell like me and our home, so maybe soon I will start sleeping with their blankets. I guess they need blankets, outfits, and maybe the pacifiers we plan to use. What else? The books I have don't really go into detail on this.

I got side tracked! After Ross we took my lounge chair to the drive in movie and watched up. It was SO FANTASTIC to get out of the house. We plan to go back to the drive in again in two weeks, it is a great way for me to get out of the house while still being on bedrest.


Dancer4_1 said...

I wish I lived closer...we could have a visit..my dh works all day too and although I have kids at home it is still lonesome! You are doing a great job baking those boys! I bet you sit and wonder who they are going to look like...sometimes that is the hardest part...I think, if I could just peek and see the baby, I could go another few months! Hang tight we are almost there!
Stephania(FF ~oct 09 mommy)

Christina said...

Don't forget chap stick! My lips were terribly chapped when I was in the hospital. Bathroom stuff of course, robe, socks, my pillows from home, (just because)couple gowns maybe, nursing gown if you are bfing, they come in handy so you don't have to bare all to the hospital staff! Camera, cell phone w/ charger, I brought books but never read them. Something to go home in, something nice and loose, comfy sweats, big shirts. We only brought the babies going home outfits, we didn't really need anything else. They have pretty much everything ready for you. We had blankets for each too, with hats for them. I know you have furbabies, so don't forget to have Gabe take blankets to the hospital, then bring them home for the animals before you bring home the boys.
That's all my essentials. Hang in there, your doing great!!! *hugs*

Mama Tina said...

I won't forget the bag, like I told you the other day I am packing it with stuff :)

Now why on earth would you take a bag that looks like an over sized Gym Bag, when you have in your closet some really nice Louis Vuitton bags???

Also, I could buy you a new bag when I am home. In any case I am bringing it back for sure. Don't have room for it in my New Apt. lol....not that it is mine anyway.

Are you afraid if you take your Louis Vuitton bags to the hospital they will , like charge you more for having the babies there :)

When I am home I will buy you some nursing gowns....they are pretty neat and you can discretely feed the little cowboys.

Wish, I could be there to spend the day and cook "home made Mexican Food" for you. Or heck we could do a re-run of Taco's Rosarita's. Darn NOW I am hungry and there is almost nothing in this house to eat. (Not shopping until I move) doesn't make sense beings I would have to lug food over to the new place , and it's only 4 more days. WooHoo!!! Part of me is so excited and the other part of me is constantly remebering this will be the first time in my entire life I will be living alone. Not to mention cutting the apron strings is going to be hard :( But she will be fine. She's one smart cookie as George used to say :)

Stop worrying about having "Coming home outfits for the Cowboys" you know out of all "my" and "your" family someone will show up at the hospital with the cutest outfits with little hats to match. It's a given fact :)

I know you wish you could get out more often and I wish I was there to help take you out. AGAIN. your DH (my Son) scared the heck out of me last night when he called to to tell me you were in Concord (my first thought was OH NO they are on their way to the hospital) you know Concord is minutes away from there!!! But I also could hear the excitement in his vocice as he was explaining in detail how he had taken you to the Drive-in Movies Chair and all :)

Tiffy, you need to look forward to each day, remembering why you are laying on that couch (or your bed) You are very well on your way too finally having what you (we) have all hoped and prayed for :)

Hang in there, you of all people can do this!!! Another given fact!!!

With tears in my eyes at this very moment I am remebering watching how you walked down that aisle sucking back those tears of happiness knowing in a few minutes you would be marrying the love of your life.

Suck back those tears now baby girl, the ones of mixed emotions for you are now heading towards the next "two loves" of your life.

Ok...enough said, I need to get back to packing up this place. I'd rather have a root canal than

Love you, mean it...


Jess said...

I have never been more excited to see a blogger friends children than yours! All you have been through to have them, warms my heart! I wish my niece's mom loved her babies like you do!

It looks like Christina covered it all for you! :)

Once the babies are born, you can go on a crazy shopping spree! You can shop til you drop then, lol! :)

Hernandez Clan said...

I agree with your friend. Chapstick. I chomped on a ton of ice and sucked on sugar free jolly ranchers. You have no idea how dry your mouth can get so they helped a TON! Hair ties, magazine or a book and make sure you take pads you like cause the hospital ones suck. LOL. (sorry to get graphic). Gosh we love you tiff and Gabe and Noah and Aaden! We love you all so much!

For when the boys are in the hospital what helped us feel like we played a part in keeping Rian "clothed" was we were able to take him socks to wear (cause thats all he could wear) and his "blankie". We also packed BOOKS! We read to him since a lot of the time we couldn't hold him. He loved it and still loves it to this day.

I slept with his blankie for a couple days, but nothing major since his stay was a surprise and now its still his favorite blankie (Heather made it for us...its PERFECT).

We love you guys and anything else you guys need don't hesitate to tell us! Also RC wants to be there right after so don't forget to call us and he will come up probably alone but he will be there! Then we will all come out when the babes go home!

Speaking of we have a book for you...well for you to read the boys. I gotta send it! I will find a place by Monday so maybe you can pack it..Its called "little boy" so don't go buy it...

hugs and kisses to you and the ENTIRE FAM!!!

Sandy said...

Don't forget breast pads and your own roll of toilet paper that you like,not always the softest in hospitals.So glad you got to go to the movies YAY!
Could you get a wheelchair from somewhere and get someone to take you shopping for the boys going home outfits? That way you're still mostly resting while doing it.
Yes sleeping with blankets for the boys is a great idea.

Anna Kauz said...

I third the chapstick, and I don't know if the hospital has good food, but ours sucked, so snacks! And I don't know if they make special pillows for bfing twins, but I didn't get a boppy until Charlotte was a month old and it was amazing!! So you might think about that. Without it, it was so hard to hold her there.

Meant to be a mom said...

I know exactly what you mean about getting lonely. My hubby works a lot also and he says he needs his "man time". I try to be supportive but I get lonely too. I know how you feel.
How nice of your work friend that gave you guys all that stuff. Thats such a nice thing for them to do.
Also I'm so glad you were able to get out with your hubby yesterday. And that your friend came to visit.
Good info on what to take to the hospital. We all need help figuring that out.

I hope you have a good rest of the week.

Faith said...

I happened upon your blog when I was looking for someone elses.
I am a NICU nurse.
I don't want to be rude or mean but I would encourage you research the reality of the NICU.
Your boys do not need anything but more time in the womb. On average premature babies leave the NICU near their due date so you will have plenty of time to shop later.
If you make it to 36 weeks you can do as much shopping as you could possibly desire to do. Babies born prior to 36 weeks will not need anything. In fact, many NICUs limit what parents can bring in for infection control purposes.
I'm sure it must be VERY difficult to be on bedrest in the midst of a messy house but please believe me it is worth it. Your boys are worth it. Months and years from now this messy house stage will be forgotten but the effects of premature birth will not.
I don't mean to be a downer and I hope you make it to near term.

twondra said...

I wish I could come over and see ya. :)

Your MIL sounds awesome. :) Good luck sweetie! It's soon here! Yay!!

Jamie said...

"Faith," after being through infertility treatments. HELL and everything that goes with it. She's not dumb. WE KNOW the reality of NICU. WE aren't uneducated. She has earned the right to buy baby clothes. Where some people mearly get pregnant after one night of sex some don't get so lucky. You are raining on her parade. I was a preemie baby myself and a twin. I was 3lbs even when I was born. We had collapsed lungs and I had to have intestinal surgery. Yes, I'm certain it was emotional for my family. However, I am sitting here today typing this as an educated adult of 29. So, there is HOPE.

Faith said...

I am sorry that my comment came across that way. I never meant to say that there was no hope. I am a NICU nurse at a major medical center in Chicago. I know that there is hope. I know that there are miracles and I have seen them.
I was only trying to encourage Tiffany to continue bedrest.
Please see my comment on the newest post.